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Reindeer Truck SCORE!
Published on Saturday, December 10, 2011 by

I got it.  I actually GOT IT!  I got a picture of the Reindeer Truck!

For two weeks, I have seen this truck driving through our area.  But I’ve never been near enough to take a picture.  I see him ahead and he turns.  He closes in behind me and stops at a light.  Indeed, this mystery reindeer truck is harder to photograph than Big Foot!

Until yesterday.

Just as before, my daughter and I saw it ahead in traffic.  “Mom! Mom!  The Reindeer Truck!  Get your camera!”  However, by the time we neared the sighting area it was gone.  Then it happened.  My daughter turned her head and yelled, “THERE!”

Sure enough, the truck was right next to us in the left turn lane.  Just WAITING for a picture.  I reached for the camera.  I dropped it and it slid down the van.  I stretched and grabbed it.  Then I hit the wrong app.  No!  Not Words With Friends!  NOT NOW!

“MOM!  Hurry!  Hurry!”

And then I got it.  I got THE PICTURE.  I have the Reindeer Truck image captured for all eternity.  Little does the driver know just how much I have worked for this one very thing.

Now, I am waiting for the day he actually turns on the LIGHTS.  For that picture, I will CHASE HIM DOWN.

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