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Shoot Me NowPhoto Challenge: Don’t Let It End This Way!

Photo Challenge: Don’t Let It End This Way!
Published on Sunday, October 28, 2012 by

Three more days.  Three more topics.  I am actually going to be sad when this photo challenge ends.

So let’s look at the final themes.

28. Autumn
29. The city
30. Blackout

Today, Autumn… check.  Now comes the problem.

Tomorrow is The City.  However, tomorrow is “THE BIG STORM.”  Furthermore, tomorrow I am off work so I can take my daughter TO THE CITY to get a minor medical procedure done.  From what I understand, THE CITY may not be passable due to flooding and high winds.

This is a problem.

Another problem?  Blackout.  How CRAZY is it that BLACKOUT is the subject for the day all of the East Coast will be in a blackout.  Ziva… Mike… HOW DID YOU KNOW!!!  YOU ARE MYSTICS!!!

In all seriousness.  We have all worked so hard this month.  We have given up our free time.  We have lost sleep and brain cells.  If I can’t post on the last day or two because of a power outage I will be devastated!

I know… I could create all my posts now and schedule them for the next two days.  But now I have to tell my secret.  I have been taking a picture a day.  I didn’t plan ahead.  It’s all on the fly!  So “scheduling” goes out the window.  It would make too much sense.

Ziva?  Mike?  Don’t you want to change the last word to SUNSHINE?  I think with your combined super brain powers, you can change Frankenstorm in to Franken-No-One-Loses-Power!

Bottom Line.  If you don’t see me on day 29 and 30, we’ve been zapped.  Leaving me crumpled up in a ball in a VERY dark corner wailing, “But it was only two more days!   TWO MORE DAYS!”

And now… Autumn in Virginia Beach.

red heeler mix

In Virginia Beach, most of the leaves are still green. But as is our typical Autumn, the pine needles are aplenty.!

mom blog

  • What a great photo! I hope the storm doesn’t cause you any troubles.

  • Let’s hope that those last two prompts are the cause of the upcoming storm. I, agree with your comment, that “sunshine” would have been a better choice. Stay safe.
    I will be watching for your next two prompts.

  • No more Fake Barbie? It canNOT end this way. You must not lose power (I’m sure as hell praying we don’t because it’s cold up here). I noticed the irony of blackout too. We already lost power for half a day last week but I really couldn’t take a photo for blackout since it was the one day we had SUN so inside it was more or less the same as it usually is from mid-morning to early afternoon.

    Stay safe Katherine. I know VA has already started to feel the effects of the storm. Hunker down with Fake Barbie and your real family.

    • MikeWJ

      But mostly fake Barbie. I like the thought of her and Katherine snuggling under a blanket.

      • MikeWJ

        I probably shouldn’t have said that.

  • Ron

    Faaaaaaaaabulous photo, Katherine!

    And yes, it is totally ironic that the last two prompts relate to this BIG STORM we’re getting here in the north east. MYSTICS is right!

    Like you, all I’ve been thinking about is, “OMG…will I be able to post on Monday due to possible blackouts here in Philly?!?

    *fingers crossed*

    You take care, my friend. And stay safe.


  • ladyV

    cute dog. be safe over there.

    i’m in the same boat. i’ve been taking my pictures the day before, with the exception of two photos, but if we don’t have power then i won’t be able to upload. so i may have to get them done today and schedule them. better than not doing them.

  • Pat Kumicich

    He looks so comfortable on his bed of pine needles!

  • You named your dog Autumn? Okay.

  • I love your photo today- very sweet!
    The storm looms and I hope that you stay safe. If we lose power, I’m just gonna post all that I’ve missed when the power returns. I figure I’ll have a true shot for blackout then!

  • The frustration of being unable to complete this challenge because of blackouts in our cities… so very Kafkaesque! Just as well… we don’t really want to see what happens when Fake Barbie is left to her own devices, alone in the dark. Or do we?

  • Coco

    Awwwwww…. nice doggie in winter… 🙂 Yes, Ziva and Mike are mysterious to know about the weather change! Hope you will be safe. 🙂

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwww! So cute!

    I decided to upload and schedule my blog postings for the remaining pictures in the 30 Day Photo Challenge – in light of the impending doom.

    And I think Mike & Ziva are totally psychic because we probably WILL be in a BLACK OUT on the last day!

    • Meleah I have been thinking about you a LOT with the storm coming closer and harder for you! XXXOOOOOO STAY SAFE!

      • Thank you, sweety.

        So far, so good.
        But it’s supposed to be horrible from Monday ­ Tuesday.
        I hope YOU stay safe too!


  • Mel

    Aww…what a cutie of a photo.

    And stay safe in that storm! I know there are things planned, and I know above all you’ll consider safety. I just felt better saying it. :-/

  • Sweet Pup. Hang in there Katherine. Above all, y’all be safe.

  • When Mike and I decided to make Blackout the last prompt, we didn’t think it would have quite this much of an impact… Oops?

    I really hope you won’t be hit so hard, but hey, at least your photo for today is awesome. 😉

    • MikeWJ

      Our power frightens even me.

      • MikeWJ

        Oh, that’s brilliant, Katherine!

    • Ziva – I think next photo challenge you should use “Riches” for the last day!

  • Danielle Batog

    I pray that you don’t have the power outage! We were without power for a week with Hurricane Charlie but being up North is more challenging, especially this time of year.

    • Danielle, I forgot the name of the hurricane… the one several years ago… we were out for a week – we have all our camping stuff so we could cook – but having no ice was tough. Those cold showers…. and the way my HAIR looked LOL! Actually looking at the weather, I think it is going further up than originally thought! 🙂

  • MikeWJ

    Your dog’s face is so striking because of his eyes. Remarkable.

    As for the storm, I can’t believe you were so anxious about finishing the 30 Days challenge that you moved to Virginia Beach and then orchestrated a massive storm in hopes of making it impossible for yourself to finish. I think that when your power is restored four or five weeks from now, we should require you to finish anyway.

    I’ll be praying for you and your family. Mostly that you’re not eaten by Zombies. Zombies are always a hassle when there’s a storm.

    • MikeWJ

      Oh, and keep Barbie and her Q safe for me.

      • Someone left you a message on your blog!

        • MikeWJ

          She’s so sweet. And apparently, hungry. But mostly sweet, I’m sure.

    • Did you see the FB pictures today of us getting ammo? We SAID it was for practice shooting. But actually…. it is for zombies!

      • MikeWJ

        I did. In the event of a Zombie event, your house is that last house on the block I’d attack, and the first house I’d take shelter in. Not only becauuse you’re armed to the hilt, but because of … well, you know … Barbie and her Q.

    • stoneskin

      Mike is bang on there. Zombies are no problem in fair weather, neither are Vampires, but they are a real nuisance in stormy weather.

      I’ve never seen anyone or anything lie comfortably on pine needles before.

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