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Shoot Me NowMom Distributes Drugs While Delivering Girl Scout Cookies

Mom Distributes Drugs While Delivering Girl Scout Cookies
Published on Tuesday, March 2, 2010 by

recalled girl scout cookiesAll I can say is WOW.  A mother distributes drugs while delivering her daughter’s Girl Scout cookies?  They need to put this woman in jail.

I mean, of all things sacred – it is the GIRL SCOUTS for heaven’s sake.  And Girl Scout cookies are iconic.  This is worse than the Girl Scout Cookie Flipping Incident.  Cookies and Drugs?  Incarcerate this mom and throw away the key, I say.

Ummm.  OK.  So I didn’t realize my prescription bottle had fallen into the bag.  And the fact that I was handing the bag of Girl Scout cookies and drugs to the security guard of the hospital?  That I work at?  Minor technicality.

In my defense, it was Nexium.  Call it a relief aid just in case the lemon cookies were from the recalled Lemon Chalet boxes.  Community service at its best.

Which one of you will send a nail file to break me out of jail?  Just don’t send it in a cake – it’s lent.  And please, NOT IN THE COOKIES.

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  • OMG, now I’ve heard everything. I generally run from Girl Scout cookies because you can’t eat just one…, that is.

  • hahaha!! Classic.

    I wouldnt mind some happy pills with my cookies. Better yet, how about some drugs that keep you skinny while pigging out on those darn cookies?!

  • I read your headline and thought, “What a genius idea!” Who would suspect the mom delivering Girl Scout cookies. I have my cookies arriving this weekend. Too bad I don’t actually have the drugs to include with them. I will definitely come and bring you a file. Since I can’t use a cake or cookies, how about a nice casserole? That is allowable for lent, right?

  • LOL!! Funny story!

  • LOL, that is funny. Drugs with the cookies. What a great addition. Where do we get those cookies with drugs??? We will get you a file somehow. The casserole idea sounds good. I needed a good laugh.

  • OMG. That is the craziest thing EVER! That woman should be LOCKED UP asap.

  • That is a classic story. A girl scott mom as a drug dealer. Seems like she has watched one to many episodes of the tv show weeds.

  • Jay

    Good grief … LOL!

    Actually not funny, I know. And I know because the little sweet shop in our village, conveniently sited right next to the primary school (ages 4-10 or so) turned out to be selling more than just the sticks of liquorice and penny chews. Apparently they had quite the lively turnover of under-the-counter goods, including hard drugs. I was in there now and then myself, and never knew!

    Makes you wonder who the target demographic was, doesn’t it? Was it the kids, or the mothers?

  • MichelleKobata

    That’s Just Frickin Messed Up!

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