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Rats in Party Hats
Published on Monday, July 28, 2014 by

Dusty Jr. Poor kitty not only has the name of a cat that “is no longer,” but has been called a boy’s name for several months.

obx wild cat

Indeed, DUSTY, as we call HER now, looks just like a feral male cat that several locals fed and took care of for many years in Corolla. At the beginning of the season we were heartbroken to hear Dusty had not been seen in quite a while.

Not long after, “Dusty Jr” began to make appearances around the street. Dusty is a flirt. Hot and cold. One minute she is a wild cat that won’t get near you while the next she will rub her face all over your hand.

We have been feeding Dusty along with several other locals, however as I have been told by one of them, I cheat. I use CANNED food. Nectar of the gods to cats. So Dusty has camped out at our house for several days at a time.

During those times when Dusty disappears for days on end I find myself thinking, “Dusty! You have no gratitude whatsoever! I give you the best food in the neighborhood and this is the thanks I get?!”

But sometimes those who seem so distant will surprise you when you need it the most. Case in point? Today my son called to say Dusty left him a present.

party hat rat

Sure, the rat might not be too happy about it, but Dusty worked hard to choose something she just knew we would love. AWWWWWWW!

Check back Thursday for my monthly photo challenge post. The theme is baseball. Yea, I know. BASEBALL. But I found a way around it… I’m SUCH a cheater.

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