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Random Brain Day!
Published on Friday, April 3, 2009 by

toothache pictureToday seems to be a “random thought day.”  I have “things” on my mind.  Perhaps if I write about them, I can “cast them out!” 

-My tooth hurts.    And I hate the dentist.  I had a cleaning scheduled last summer, and got the flu so I could not go.  Did I reschedule?  Nope.  I had dental work prior to that – a filling that had “gone bad.”  They fixed it for free.  It has bothered me since.  Did I call them?  No.  So now, that tooth is KILLING ME.  You just can’t ignore a toothache.  So I called, and they have an appointment for me Monday.  I am grateful.  But when they drilled out this tooth last time I almost passed out. You may not feel it, but you hear it and yes, taste the blood… ew. So that is on my mind.  And my tooth hurts!!  (I know, buck up buttercup and put on your big girl panties!)  (but it huuurrtttttsssss!) 

-My neighbor died a few weeks ago.  She was a spunky, wonderful and independent older woman.  I miss her. So does my daughter.  Her family is cleaning out the house, and offered a “go” at kitchen things they were planning to donate to a thrift store.  So last night my little girl and I visited, boxes in hand.  I chose her dinner plates, glasses, wonderful old covered dishes and some amazing roasting pans and cooking sheets.  She even had an electric ice crusher that must have been from the 60’s.  It is hard, “benefitting” from someone’s death. I don’t want her things, because it means she is gone.  By the end I was very choked up, and hugged her son before scurrying back to my house.  I’m so happy to have these wonderful old things.  But I’m so sad.  However, her family knows that every time I use these items, I will be thinking of her.  And I will.  And she would have wanted it that way. 


-Tomorrow I have to have my middle son at track at 8 a.m.  And then I have to pick him up at 10.  I have to grocery shop.  I have to go to the pet store for guinea pig food, rabbit food and bird seed.  I have to have my son at church by 5:30 because they are planning something special for 6:00 Mass and he is serving.  My boys have GOT to clean their room.  The house needs dusting and vacuuming.  I have to pull everything out of my kitchen cabinets and get rid of half of it.  Then I have to find all my “new” things a home.  Oh, and my oldest asked if we could buy him some jeans as soon as possible.  Wait, I have to go to Toys R Us to get a promised toy for my daughter, who was so good all week.  Darn, my middle son has a birthday party.  Where is it and when?  I have to get a gift!  And my website work – boy oh boy!  Google adsense has been so bad for so many, and I finally got hit.  Work work work! 

Phew!  Thanks for that!  I feel sooo much better.  I didn’t mention I have a bit of Cosmopolitan in the fridge – a gift from my generous mother.  Tonight I will find time to sit.  Just sit.  And have a little sip of spirits.  Maybe I will use one of my neighbor’s glasses, and give her a toast.  Weekend, here I come!


Do you have a “to do” list for this weekend?  Or do you need to vent?  It will clear your mind, trust me.  “Leave Your Baggage Here!”

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