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Queue the Alice Cooper Video!
Published on Friday, June 4, 2010 by

First of all, a shout out to my nephew Tommy and all the family who visited this week. I love you all and can’t wait to see you again soon!  You can visit Tommy’s cooking blog at Cook Up Fun!

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Before you begin reading, hit PLAY and crank it up!

<raising hand with great excitement!> How many of you screamed out this song on your last day of school?  </raising hand with great excitement!>  For many years my friends and I would belt this out on the last school bus ride home, rejoicing at the start of summer vacation.

So today I raise my glass to Alice Cooper and thank him for this timeless song that we’ve been singing all day.  At 11:00 it was official.  SUMMER VACATION!  We honked our horns in the parking lot, waved to all our favorite teachers and yes, I choked up and shed a tear.  After all, it is tradition.  And I’m a sap.

After work it will truly begin.  A grocery store trip.  Gassing up the van.  Packing.  And then we go.  We drive and drive and drive until we reach the beach house.  Our paradise.  Our escape.  Queue the next song:

This weekend trip will be a little bit different, though.  We are bringing a young friend for Elizabeth, my middle son is staying home for his own big plans, and my mom will be flying off to Europe with her cousin!  This is my first trip to the beach house on my own, no Mother to bring the groceries, open up the house, close up the house and so much more.

Yes, this weekend I am flying solo and will miss her and my other son OH SO MUCH.  I have a checklist of things to do before we leave Sunday.  I have my regular cleaning to do, but now I add on unplugging all the appliances, setting the thermostats, making sure all the lights and fans are turned off… a long list of things Mom normally does.  A rite of passage, so to speak.

We don’t have internet down there, so I apologize for missing out on all of your great writing this weekend.  Sometimes I can catch a signal, but recently it is harder to do.  So check for phoned in tweets, have a fabulous weekend and I’ll catch you on the flipside!


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