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Published on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 by

publishing a book

I’ve gone and done it.  I put pen to paper and wrote myself a book.  For years and years I struggled with the words, the characters, the conflict, the resolution.  And now it’s done.  A complete 800 page novel.

OK.  So I’m lying just a wee bit.  I did write a book.  But it is a children’s book that fits on one single sheet of paper.  It took about an hour to complete.  And by gosh, it’s GOOD.

It all started on one of our drives to the beach house.  “David, I want to write a children’s book.  What do children like the best?”   At eighteen, my son still remembers what was the coolest of the cool from his childhood.  In answer to my question he immediately yelled, “_______ and ______!”

Ahhh but I can’t tell you what he said, because that is the name of the book.  A book that is most unusual, yet if published would become a favorite to many.  It is a page-turner; it makes young children anticipate and allows them to tell part of the story.

Funny thing is….?  You can’t just send your book to a publisher!  What thahhhh!?

Indeed, writers quite similar to both you and I must have a (please do finger quotes) “L-I-T-E-R-A-R-Y A-G-E-N-T.”  Really?!  Apparently, you need some hoightytoighty book nerd to get your foot in a publisher’s door.

literary agents

(Oh wait.  If you are a literary agent, I think you are the GREATEST and I CAN’T RESPECT YOU ENOUGH and … and…. I have this book, see?)

Yea, I blew that one, I’m sure.

But I did it.  I wrote a book.  I am proud of it, and it is GOOD.

Are you writing a book or are you published?  If not and you found you actually had time to write, what would your book be about?

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