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Just Call Me Bob. Bob Ross, That Is.
Published on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 by

She called me out on it, so I had to do it. I mean, I had promised, after all. “Do you want to go to a Pub Painters event some time?” “Surrrrrreeee!” Then came the text. “November 4th! Here is the painting! Let’s sign up!”

Ummmm…. What? Me? Strangers? No kids? Girl night? PAINTING?!!?


This is how it works. You choose a painting that you want to learn how to paint. Think “Bob Ross” Cheesy Happy Little Trees type paintings.

You pay the $35 and meet up at a pre-planned local pub or restaurant. There, you are provided paint, a paper plate, napkins, brushes, a canvas and cup of water. I almost drank from the cup. It was going to be a long night.

painting at a restaurant

I was so nervous. Being sick made things even worse. But with some sleep under my belt, two Dayquil and the margarita I ordered things turned out pretty OK.

This entire event was way out of my comfort zone. I can’t paint. I didn’t know anyone but my friend. And I simply don’t go out and do things for myself. Alone. Unaccompanied. SOLO.

When we arrived, the table was already set up and drinks were quickly ordered.

This is the painting we were to draw:

painting of dunes

Once the table was filled, a sweet young lady with pink hair (so you KNOW I liked her) went to the front and began to give us instructions. Start with the white. Paint a line ¼ of the way up and then fill the entire upper canvas with white paint. Within one minute I had dropped the paint brush on to my shirt and gotten white paint on Heisenberg. DANGIT!

Then we made our sun and dabbed yellow around it. After that came the mixing. Red… yellow… ORANGE! Oh wait… we have to clean the brush, don’t we? So I cleaned my brush, dried it on the napkin and broke it. That was about seven minutes in to the class.

Then I got behind. WAIT! I haven’t made purple yet! WAIT!

purple sky

And finally, after much laughter, jokes about how my friend and I were virgins that night and me blurting out, “Excuse me!! SHE’S BOTHERRRRINNNNNGGGG ME!” <More laughter and snorting> we each had a beautiful, cheesy and not quite like the original piece of ORIGINAL ART!

pub painting

My sky had some green in it, the sea oats I painted were too short and my friend’s seagulls were flying upside-down. But you know what? I found out that there is a lot more fun outside of my comfort zone than inside of it.



final painting

Have you done anything that was completely out of YOUR comfort zone? Did you have fun or did you regret it?

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