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A Pokemon You Won’t Believe!
Published on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 by

psychic pokemon

My boys began with Pokemon, so many years ago.  I was sad when they graduated to Yu-Gi-Oh.  Much more complicated and a lot less fluffy.

And then, quite unexpectedly he came back.  Pikachu, that is – through the hands of my daughter.

Pokemon is still out there and is as popular as ever.  At least it is in the third grade circle.  But today’s Pokemon go beyond my little friends Charmander, Butterfree and Jigglypuff.  It was this weekend that I found out just how far they’ve gone.

It started with words between my daughter and son.  The laughing “Oh YEA?!” type of conversation.

Pokemon is better!

Nuh, Uhhhh!

Uh Huhhhh!

Well then, are there Grass Types of Yu-Gi-Oh cards?!

Yes, pretty much.

Well I bet there aren’t Rock Yu-Gi-Oh like on Pokemon!

As a matter of fact, there are.

I bet there aren’t any Piss Stick Yu-Gi-Oh’s!


Piss Stick!  Like Piss Stick Pokemon!

What do you mean Piss Stick Pokemon?

Here!  It’s in my book!  LOOK!


See?!  Piss Stick!

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  • I’ve not a clue since my grandbabies passed this up long ago. I never knew much about it anyway. I just know it was very popular.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Oh man, I do NOT miss the days of spending all my money on Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh cards for my son. Not even a little!


    Manohmanohmanohman I LURVE it!! Just love it!!

    Tell me, when your kids were really into Pokemon did you pretend to understand what they said?


  • Ha! Now I’m going to think “piss stick” every time I see that word. Funny!
    I’m surprised Pokemon cards are still around. My son played with them and he’s 24 years old now. So that was like 15-20 years ago!

  • MsDarkstar

    Glad to know there aren’t lil’ Pokemon running around with EPT’s…

    • I laughed so hard when I read your comment about Pokemon and EPT’s!!! GOOD ONE!

  • OMG! I almost quit taking care of my grandson while he was in his Pokemon stage. He drove me nuts with it.

  • I don’t know anything about the games, but the conversation is too funny!

  • Hahahaahaha, Funny,, I Love it…

  • Rachele

    We’ve moved on to Bey Blades and I must say that spinning a top is way more fun than flipping a coin.

    I’m pretty sure there aren’t any Piss stick Bey Blades either.

    • Bey Blades!!!! I remember those!!! They were like those battle tops we used to have. I am sure I have a Bey Blade or two somewhere, and I know we had a gamecube Bey Blade game. COOL!

  • Lol this was the lamest (if a word exists) collection of all time.

  • Oh man, this cartoon brings back lots of good memories! I like Pikachu!

    • We loved Pikachu too… but loved when everyone fell asleep from JigglyPuff’s songs… remember that one?

  • Pikachu is so cute. I have loved it for a long time!

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