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Porta Potty Prank
Published on Friday, January 27, 2012 by

You want to know a really great practical joke that you can play on someone who is using a porta potty?  You wanna?

First, find a rock.  One that will go in to a hole like this one.  You can find these holes on the back of most porta potties.

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Now, sneak behind the porta potty while someone is doing his or her business.  Make sure you are holding your rock.  Reach up to the chimney and….

Do you know what happens when you are doing your business in a porta potty and someone throws a rock down the hole in the back of the very porta potty you are in?

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You are very welcome for this information.  Now, go hike where there are porta potties.  And watch your back(side).  And never… EVER trust those you love.

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