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Shoot Me NowThe Meanest Halloween Sign EVER!

The Meanest Halloween Sign EVER!
Published on Saturday, October 30, 2010 by

dog poop sign

Dear Neighbor,

I’ve recently noticed the new fancy sign you placed in your front yard.  I’m writing this letter in response to your really funny sign.  You don’t mind, do you?

  • Having put my elderly sick dog down a month ago, I must admit to shuddering at the “stiff and hard” line.  I’m just sayin’….
  • I have a new dog now.  Just so you know.  And she poops when we go on walks.  A lot.  I’m talking three to four times!  But just so you know, I bring five bags with me.  The poop immediately goes in the bags.  No matter where she deposits it.  So I guarantee you that any poop you have found in your yard has NOT been my dog’s poop.  Honest.
  • My kids have threatened to go poop in your yard.  And so have the neighbor’s kids just down from you.  And the kids just down from them.  Because they saw your sign.  And they have dogs.  And they love their dogs.  All loose and soft.  Oh yea and breathing.
  • Did you select this sign over the one about the last kids who played in your yard?  Good choice!

I just love your funny new sign.  I laugh every time I walk by it.  Really!  I do have to ask though.  That dog I see looking out of your window… I worry about him pooping in your yard.  I have a few bags if you need them.



mom blog

  • I snorted when I read it then I thought about it and it sounds really mean… the stiff comment is what got me. No one likes to find dog poop in their yard (and I do mean by walking in it or worse – have a child walk in it then climb into the family car) but I'm not sure that signs going to work…

    I can see people letting their dogs poop just for spite really…

    Not that I have a dog…

    Or know where that house is…

    I'm just saying…


  • daisythecurlycat

    That sign makes me mad! Only a real Bad person would post a sign like that in their yard.

  • Oh boy. I would be furious!~

  • I'm so with you on this one. What a stupid and unkind and insensitive sign. Would they laugh if you made a sign that exchanged the dog and poop for a kid with a ball? Now that's hysterical, right? We take our poop bags with us all the time. But (and it happens) if it's really runny or something, should I go ahead and use your hose, or dig up that area of grass. Just asking. People can be such assholes!

  • I don't have dogs but I do consider this a bit mean.

  • This is both mean and funny. But I really think that it is extreme. If this person doesn't want to have dogs on his/her property than build a fence, a wall or whatsoever!

  • Gino

    That sign is perfect…I love it and I want one! lol For all the people that do not have a sense of humour maybe should try to lighten up a bit? like really …come on


    Genius! I think I will put one of these in my yard. After months picking up my irresponsible dog owner- neighbors’ dog crap I believe I should be one offended.

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