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Polar Express Mishap!
Published on Friday, December 14, 2007 by

Christmas Bell Polar ExpressNot embarrassing for me, but certainly for the Botanical Gardens!  We went to a wonderful event last night with a group of girl scouts that included cocoa, cookies and a reading of The Polar Express.  In the end of this book a boy receives a special bell from Santa.  It can only be heard if you “believe.”   Following the event, we were taken on a tram ride through the “Garden of Lights.”  This is a beautiful Christmas light display that carries you through their spectacular gardens.  Half way through the ride, the tram stops for a special surprise.  Little bells are given to each rider just as one was given in the Polar Express.   Now picture a tram full of six year olds jingling their bells, knowing they believe.  NOW picture two children frantically shaking their bells, KNOWING they believe – yet they can’t hear their bells!  The staff had not checked each bell, and sure enough, two little six year olds had bells that were broken!!!   These poor kids were almost frantic with worry, afraid Santa would not visit them at Christmas!  But thanks to a wonderful scout leader, the evening was saved as she took their bells and shook them – allowing the bell to hit her thumb and make a noise.  As she passed each back, she switched the broken bells with working ones.   So make note, if you give a bell to a child for Christmas, be sure it actually works – or Santa may not come!!!

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