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Shoot Me NowFake Fox vs. Real Goose

Fake Fox vs. Real Goose
Published on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 by

fake fox for geese

Yup, I’m thinking fake plastic animals don’t scare away geese.  Just a wild guess?

mom blog

  • hahahhaha! I love how they’re facing the same direction. I wonder what they’re looking at.

  • barb

    hahahahaha great pic! Geese can be NASTY!

  • Mel

    LOL Apparently NOT! Great capture.

  • Ron


    Flawless photo and caption, Katherine!

    And you’re absolutely right, NOTHING scare away geese. I used to sit by a big lake when I lived in Florida and watch the geese RUN after cars and try to attack them – I kid you not. They’re fearless!


  • Well, the fox was clearly legless, and therefore not a worry.

  • You know, this doesn’t surprise me at all, I’ve been told that birds are evil and that they will peck your eyes out. Because that’s what birds do, they peck your eyes out and eat the legs of poor innocent foxes.


  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Um. Yep, I have to agree! And probably the same goes for those plastic herons that are supposed to save your fish!

    I’ve always thought animals were smarter than that, and it seems they are.

    That’s funny!!

  • Monu

    Oh my god

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