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Published on Monday, July 19, 2010 by

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.   Ours included a sunrise over the beach…

obx picture

….and an encounter with one of those pesky bears.

Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education

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mom blog

  • I like the look on the little girl's face!! It's so cool!


  • Love these photos! That darling girl looks so cute!

  • What great photos. Did you use the editing on them? Where were you hanging out with the bear?

    • No editing on the photos on shoot me now… just on agoosa.com. You should enter – only a few have so far and these guys are great. My mom CRIED when she saw the picture of her and Dad… and the picture is so much better now. I love the old look but I love the new too. Their site shows all kinds of examples. Oh, and the bear is from the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education http://www.ncwildlife.org/Education_Workshops/O… We are at Mom's house in Corolla every weekend possible… when it rains we will often check out some shops or go to Whalehead to see the museum again. I have several pictures of the kids with this bear making funny pictures… like this one http://www.obxdunes.com/images/education-center… – that is one of my favorite pictures of Michael. There was a major thunderstorm last weekend when we were there – so we had to see our bear!

  • Ron

    Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for dropping by my blog earlier today. It was so nice meeting you!

    Grrrrrrrrrreat shots! Especially the one of the bear – how COOL!

    I'll be sure to stop back and check out more of your photos!

    • Well you certainly have a reader in me… subscribed today! Will “acknowledge” tomorrow when i get the email.

      That bear is in a museum in Heritage Park in Corolla NC. I have three pix of my kids making funny faces with it… kind of a tradition I guess! Poor bear though… I don't know his history…. but at least people can see him/her and appreciate him/her!

  • We went to the county fair Monday night and took a lot of pictures. So much fun!

    P.S. I love that pesky bear!

  • That's one plucky girl. I would be scared to stand next to that grizzly. great pix still!

  • Dlbrobst

    Great pix Kath

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