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Photo Challenge LAST DAY Outtakes
Published on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 by

I did it I did it I did it!  I managed to post a picture for every day of the 30-day photo challenge!  I am really proud!

The hardest part of it all?  Getting through the frustration of not being able to reply to all the wonderful comments you left.  By 11 at night, I was just finishing my visits to all of your fabulous sites, leaving me no time for anything else.  But I read and loved them all!

The amazing photos everyone posted floored me.  Your talent is beyond belief!

I have chosen three outtakes, although I have about a zillion.  Outtake means FAIL, correct?!

flies on shrimp

I took this the same day I took my favorite picture, “Shiny.” I thought it might work in one of the themes, but it didn’t. This is a piece of shrimp on a hook with my fishing rod behind it. It’s pretty gross, and yet I’m drawn to it. Kind of like a car wreck?


picture of shooting arrow

Remember my “speed” picture – the shooting arrow? Guess how many pictures I took in order to capture that arrow? About a BILLION SIX! I think this one is number billion three. If you look at the bow you will see the arrow actually broke in this shot!


Bird Crap

Just after I took the nasty “fly shrimp” picture, a bird expressed his displeasure with my shot. Bird poop, meet camera bag.  There are critics everywhere.

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