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Photo Challenge for the Challenged
Published on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 by

No, not the others in the challenge.  ME!

I am participating in my first blog challenge EVAH.  A 30-day photo challenge, no less – and I don’t even have a camera!  Furthermore, this is day four.  How many days have I completed?  None.  Cause that’s just how I roll.

But from this day on, it’s a photo a day.  And indeed, as the instructions pointed out, this is much harder than it looks.

First, let me catch up!

Day 1: Silence

Lone Star Lakes Suffolk

Day 2: Architecture

Wells Theater

Day 3: From An Ant’s Perspective

Justice for Girls Zebra Hoody

AND NOW… Today!

Day 4: The experiment


Be sure to visit my fellow photo partners.  The ones who are NOT challenged!

Mike WJ
Nicky and Mike
Elizabeth A.

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  • I’m glad The Experiment was on day four. If it has been on day one I wonder if you may have fallen into the lake of Silence.

    • HA HA…!  And my kids probably would have stood there and laughed at me rather than rescue me!

  • Cadeaux

    I like Day 4’s experiment…on any day, really.

    • Me too.  At this point though it’s no longer much of an experiement.  Welcome to the game Katherine!  Trust me when I say I’m challenged too!

    •  YES!  On day one, day two, day three….

  • I want to know more about the experiment.  Just saying.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

    • HA HA!  I’ll never tell!  (OK OK honestly, the stuff is still sitting intact.  Promise!)

  • Oh we are all challenged!!!…Glad that you could join us! Your photos are wonderful and I think that if you enjoy a little of your experiment, the rest of the challenge could be really fun!

    • I would feel sorry for EVERYONE if I actually ran that experiment all the way through and took pictures… I can just imagine! 😉

  • These are great Katherine!  Now you need to include a shot of Emma!  Love them!

    • With a whole month of pictures, I am sure she will be in one!  🙂  I was going to do Emma from the ant’s point of view, but she wouldn’t keep still.  But I will get her in ONE of the pictures!

  • Well, I guess “the experiment” explains where you’ve been days 1 through 3. You might at least have shared. Great pics and welcome to our world.

  • Great job, Katherine! I love all of them! Especially The Experiment! 

    • Meleah, this is harder than it looks for SURE!  Today I was inspired for tomorrow’s… but those were tough.  I am purposely not looking ahead – I want to be surprised each day!

  • Now this is an experiment I can relate to! 😉

  • So glad you made it & posted all 4 photos. BOOYAH! That 1st one is is a stunnah. Ayuh.

    • Cheryl – that was taken on Sunday.  We were fishing at Lone Star Lakes in Suffolk.  We closed the park down really… it got very quiet as we were packing up – all you could hear were the birds.  I took a moment to take that picture.  Those lakes are so beautiful!

  • Nicely done, Katherine! And you’ve inspired me to try a little experiment of my own… 🙂

  • Yes. I would like to come over and experiment with you also!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure I get the photograph, but I damn sure know where I need to be this Friday night. Parrrr-taaaay!

    P.S. — I love your photos for Silence and Architecture. The architecture shot reminds me of an old amusement park. Very cool.

  • Dogearedcopy

    Welcome to the Challenge! great photos overall! I love the panoramic scope of the lakeside; that the lights that appear almost as stars with the carvings; the scale of the statue; and the experiment definitely looks intriguing! 🙂

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