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Shoot Me NowPhoto Challenge: Inside!

Photo Challenge: Inside!
Published on Sunday, January 31, 2016 by

This photo challenge “Inside” was one of my first steps at living a “real life” again after our horrible December.  I was happy to take out my camera once more and look forward to seeing what everyone else has posted!

Today my daughter and I took her friend on a hiking adventure.  I brought my camera so I could take pictures for the challenge.

  1.  My daughter’s friend suggested I get “inside” this power structure for my first shot.  I really liked her idea.

blue power unit

2.  During our adventure we visited an abandoned farm house that I had been to before.  Ivy has started to grow inside the house.

old farm house

3.  We went inside the house and admired the pretty blue paint.

blue farmhouse paint

4. While inside we came across this magazine with a truck ad dated 1978.

old magazine
5. What is inside this bottle? My son’s very first batch of home brew!
home brew bottle

mom blog

  • I love old abandoned houses. There was one near me I had the chance to shoot a few years ago. Unfortunately, homeless folks started staying there and eventually accidentally set it on fire, so it’s gone. I got some cool photos well before that happened though.

    Home brewing is fun. Cool shot. I need to get back to it. It’s been too long since I brewed a beer and I have a few good kits I need to make!

  • Lisa

    YES! I love your shots and the reasons behind them. The fist one has fabulous texture and I really like the shot of the ivy crawling inside and outside the window.

  • The abandoned farm house looks like it makes for a fun adventure! Great pictures!

  • What a fun outing. I love that old farm house. I would have been all over that. Great shots.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  • I love the power structure shot and I think the monotone effect has worked really well.

    I like your dereliction shots too..I love abandoned places and seeing inside. I love they way abandoned places hold time still. I think your shots have captured a nostalgic feel. Good photos.

  • Danielle Kempe

    Great job as always!

    I love your take on the theme.

  • Ron


    Katherine you selections for this photo challenge theme are AWE-SOME! God, I LOVE that first one from inside the power structure. Brilliant angle!

    I also love the ivy in the second shot.

    “4. While inside we came across this magazine with a truck ad dated 1978.”

    OMG…that is coooooooo cool! In fact, I love the whole inside of that house. You know me, I love decay and oldness.

    Well done, my friend! Well done!


  • TheHachland

    I enjoy how you took this theme. The old farmhouse reminds me of the house I grew up in. Since my family moved out it has been left abandoned and every time I go back it looks more and more like this old place. Plus abandoned buildings make for great photography.

  • Paul Myers

    So I guess you last shot begs the question. Was it any good?

  • Mike Davis

    I really like the power structure. Neat patterns. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cool pics for the theme. I think my favorite is the old magazine. I love to look back at old magazines and newspapers.

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