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Shoot Me NowNovember Photo Challenge: People

November Photo Challenge: People
Published on Friday, November 29, 2013 by

Hoohaablog’s November photo challenge subject was “People.”  My favorite thing… stalking and photo taking!  Except the more public “people photos” I take, the bolder I become.  For some of my November pictures I simply took the shots without sneaking.  Fun!

1. This is one of a set of pictures I took of a father and his son.  In the beginning, the little boy was crying inconsolably.  By this shot, he was telling his patient father exactly why he was upset.  And in the end, he was laughing and enjoying the park.  I loved seeing such a patient and loving father.

good dad

2.  This November I was honored to attend a Paddle Out in memory of a Corolla local who died far too young.  I cannot begin to tell you how moving it was to see so many paddle out in the ice cold water to pay tribute.  Once out, surfers formed a circle, his ashes were spread and the surfers yelled, threw flowers and splashed the water for their friend.  It was something I will never forget.

Corolla Paddle Out

3.   These beautiful children were enjoying the beach during the Paddle Out.  The children played with flowers as they washed ashore.  In this shot, one little girl is pushing a flower down on the other girl’s head.   Neither of the two were aware of the emotional ceremony taking place beyond the waves.  The innocence of children is indeed heartwarming.

children playing on beach

Despite it’s quality, I blew up picture so you could see the girls and the flower.

sweet children

4.  Every day after Thanksgiving my mother, daughter and I go to Duck for a little window shopping before we close the house for winter.  The local tackle shop always has a free oyster roast that we stop by.  There is nothing like a hot, grilled oyster on a cold winter day!

Duck Oyster Roast

5.  This Skinny Santa was waving at cars in front of Lady Victorian in Duck.  We went in to the store and he followed, apparently an employee of the store.  I laughed out loud as I heard him complain, “Sure, stop in the middle of the road to take a picture of me with TWENTY CARS BEHIND YOU!”  (That sounded VERY much like my son and I fussing about Tourons doing much the same thing.)  Skinny Santa continued, “This is terrible.  I don’t know WHY people want to even DO THIS.”  One of the women replied, “Some people actually like playing Santa.”

It wasn’t until tonight that I saw what was in front of Skinny Santa in my photo.  AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Santa at ABC store

mom blog

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