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One Bite
Published on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 by

It is all Malisa’s fault.  For my new addiction, that is.  An addiction I cannot succumb to often, lest I gain 100 pounds or curl up painfully in a gastroparesis-enduced ball.  But on Saturday?  Succumb I did.  And Malisa, damn you (in a GOOD way, of course), it was OH SO GOOD.

It all began with her innocent yet wonderful post about Cooter and the gang.  The paragraph that changed my life went as follows:

“I tried to distract Barbara Sue by convincing her to relax on the couch and providing her with her favorite snack, a cold bottle of Coke with salted peanuts poured in the bottom. While she was busy trying to fish the peanuts out with her tongue, Ethyl and I crept out the front door, hijacked Barbara Sue’s mini-van and headed back to The Rack ‘n Roll Pool Hall.”


I attempted to prepare coke and peanuts without a single bit of instruction.  Looking back, perhaps I should have gotten pre-shelled, skin-free peanuts.  But then I would have missed half the fun!

shelled peanuts

Notice the stunning granite countertops?  I know you are extremely jealous.

Carrying the ingredients outside, I took my photo and got ready to indulge

shelled peanuts and coke

Certainly this was not enough peanuts, don’t you think?  And wait!  They don’t sink!  Peanuts float!  WHO KNEW!

coke peanuts

Perhaps I should have taken off all the skins?

bubbles and peanuts

I took my first swig.  Meh?  Then my second.  Hmmmm…. I fished out a peanut and took one bite.  “I guess it’s OK….”  Neither disgusted nor impressed, I found myself a seat and nursed my coke and peanuts.

Sip… crunch.  Sip… crunch crunch.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Perhaps it takes a few minutes for the peanut-Coke euphoria to hit.  Maybe the salt has to mix with the Coke for just the right amount of time.  Either way, I knew in that moment that Coke would never be the same again without a handful of peanuts thrown in.

I will NOT discuss the fact that later in the evening, if you happened to wander in to the kitchen, you just might have found me with…..  LEFTOVERS!

coke glass

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