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Pardon me, Ma’am…
Published on Monday, September 29, 2008 by

Me and my big mouth.  This is my latest and one of my greatest.  Picture me in an elevator full of women, with a young man standing in the corner.  He said to everyone in the elevator, “Excuse me, have any of you ladies caught a buzz?”  There was TOTAL silence.  No one spoke!  So I finally said as clear as a bell, “Ex-CUSE ME!?!?” (with a bit of attitude and head tilt, no less!)  A little more silence, and then very calmly, my co-worker said, “Oh yes, you can catch a bus just in front of the building.”  I was MORTIFIED.  Catch a BUS??!!! No, I am SURE he said catch a buzz.  And before he said it, he was smirking and had a very strange look in his eye. As he left the elevator, I smelled quite a bit of alcohol on him. (Do you see me trying to justify myself??)  I am still attempting to get my foot out of my mouth… maybe I can work on it from the bus!

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