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Paintball Gun Injury
Published on Monday, March 28, 2011 by

I know what you are thinking.  It’s winter.  Long pants weather.  Katherine has apparently let herself go.  You silly people, this is my son’s leg.  MY leg is MUCH hairier!

While casually walking in to my neighbor’s back yard, my son found himself an unarmed target in a paintball gun war.

The score?

paintball gun
Neighbor’s Children:  3
My Son:  0

What do they say about paybacks?

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  • I’m sure we’ll see a post about the payback for this in the very near future. Those hurt like the dickens too. It’s not nice to shoot and unarmed dude.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

    • Yea, it really ISN’T nice to shoot someone who is unarmed, is it???!!!! I really shake my head at these guys sometimes! I have not been shot by one, but I did get it by a pellet gun. AND a flying lacrosse ball, but that is another story!

  • Hm. If this is a sign that people are taking the name of your blog literally, I would consider changing things up…

    • AHHHHHH!!!! Nooooo…. don’t shoot me now! Don’t shoot me now!!!!!! It is just an expression!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL! Funny, I had someone on twitter say, “Oh, I thought you were saying Shoot MEN Now.” Perhaps I should work on my brand and marketing skills!!

  • Flippin’ heck – he looks like he’s been branded by Circle O ranch!

  • So what are the payback plans?
    Oh, and hairy legs are the only way to stay warm in winter, it saves on the heating bill!

    • I’ve saved $100 this year on heating oil simply from my legs alone HA HA! Payback will probably be well thought out. Technically, my son probably deserved it from something HE did before THAT. They are good friends, but are teen boys… there is no telling what number payback this one actually was! 🙂

  • Ooh, bummer. He even has to wear the “zero” on his leg! Humiliating!

    • Another “you made me laugh outloud” comment… but REALLY laugh out loud. I didn’t even think about the “zero” symbol on his leg… I almost blew milk out of my nose when I read that… and the last time had milk was about two days ago!

  • Lindamcornell

    Your inventory of icky stuff is never ending. And shaving is overrated… : )

  • That’s definitely ringworm. Your son stumbled into an unfortunate game of ringworm ball.

    • NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Funny, I never really noticed how they are so alike. WE KNOW RINGWORM… unfortunately. He is a wrestler – each year he ends up with it. I like the ringworm ball idea… shove a worm in a paintball and watch her fly. Or for the real deal, throw a bit of fungus in the ball, shoot someone and see how long it takes to grow! Maybe that is how he is getting his ringworm in the first place!

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