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Over or Under?
Published on Friday, August 14, 2009 by

portable toiletSometimes the most innocent of questions can begin the most heated of discussions.  This morning at work, the sparks FLEW.  Over one tiny little question.

It was fairly quiet, with the occasional tap tap of a keyboard arising from various cubicles.  Innocently, Kyle gophers out of his office space and says, “Larry.  Toilet Paper.  Over or Under?”

Larry immediately responds with great firmness, “UNDER!”  Kyle flies out of the chair and responds, “You, my good man, are STUPID!”  Larry replies, “I am NOT stupid.  Toilet paper should be UNDER!”  “NO, you are STUPID,” says Kyle vehemently.  Larry begins to pontificate with, “If it is under, you simply PULL the toilet paper UP and then you can rip it EASILY and not WASTE ANY PAPER!”

From down the room comes Charlene.  “OVER!  It has to be OVER!  You waste more if it is UNDER!”  Gophering continues, heads popping out of every cubicle.  The words “over” and “under” flying!

The heated discussion soon led to further questions.  “Do you put your socks on first, or do you do sock, shoe, shock, shoe?”  And, “Have you ever been in a public bathroom and had to use the empty cardboard roll?”

Ahhh, Fridays.  Gotta love ’em.

So I ask you.  Over, or under??

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