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Nature’s Creatures Start the Day
Published on Thursday, May 8, 2014 by

My Corolla mornings begin far too early, thanks to my over excited, “Let’s go to the beach!” dog. What seems like only hours after I have gone to bed, Moon is waking me up for his morning walk.

Despite my wish for more sleep, our mornings are one of my great joys. Off season, I am able to let Moon off the leash and walk an empty beach hunting for sea glass. When we return, I make breakfast for my still sleeping family and then go on the deck to eat breakfast alone.

Well, not really alone. Because just beyond the deck are critters of every kind, greeting the day with chirps, grunts and yips. Drinking my coffee, I sit quietly and watch nature’s greatest show set the day in to motion.

NC bluejay

Blue Jay

bird house

obx bird

Corolla red fox

feral cat obx

OBX buck

mom blog

  • What lovely breakfast companions. I love eating outdoors,and that is an ideal setting. You are very lucky, but then you know that!

  • What a wonderful way to start your day. And look at you getting all fancy capturing that sparrow in flight! Huzzah, my friend, huzzah!

  • It all looks so lovely and relaxing. Great pictures as always.

  • Ron

    “Drinking my coffee, I sit quietly and watch nature’s greatest show set the day in to motion.”

    Katherine, don’t you just love that about early mornings and being so close to nature? I remember spending four days out in the Pennsylvania countryside about 5 years ago and getting up every morning at about 6 AM, while sipping my coffee and watching the wooden area behind my cabin come alive with deer, rabbits, birds, etc. It was awesome.

    I’m not normally a morning person, however, being out there within nature for four days, made me really appreciate mornings!

    Faaaaaabulous photos, my friend!!!! Loving the one of the fox and the little birdie in flight!

    You GO, girl!!!!!


    P.S. Hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day!

  • Hey Katherine! The fox is cool, but the blue birds (sorry, I’m ignorant) are beautiful! Great photos! I’m running a few myself today =) Indigo x

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