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Saving Starfish
Published on Thursday, November 29, 2012 by
buried starfish

I had heard the story before but didn’t remember it.  So when it was told during a small graduation ceremony at my daughter’s school today, I was stunned.  The story was about my daughter.

My mouth opened wide as I looked across the church at her.  She looked right back and read my mind.  I spoke silently, “That was YOU!”  Her lips quietly replied from far away, “I know!”

It is the story about a man, a boy and a beach full of starfish.  There were thousands of starfish stranded on a beach.  An old man sees a boy throwing them in to the ocean.  He states that there are miles of starfish, and that the boy can’t possibly make a difference.

The boy then picks up a single starfish, throws it back in to the ocean and states, “It made a difference to that one.”

Just a month or so ago this happened to us.  Thousands of starfish were beached on the sand in Corolla.  We spent more than an hour finding the live ones and throwing them back.  Picking up starfish after starfish, doing what we could to save them.

It was a never ending struggle.  Throw one in, find 50 more.  But we kept working at it until we couldn’t do it any longer.  My daughter had her arms filled with stacks of starfish.  We would state, “That’s it, this is the last one we are picking up,” and then we would pick up another.

obx starfish

Corolla starfish

NC starfish

My daughter made a huge difference to a great many starfish that day.  Each one she threw back she saved.

starfish walking

Hearing the story made me ponder.  How many lives would she make a difference in during her time on earth?  She is bright, loving, funny and smart.  Her generosity knows no end when it comes to those close to her.  Who will she help?  What difference will she be able to make?

I can only pray that I raise her well enough to have her continue to pick up starfish throughout her life.  In my heart, I am certain her arms will forever be filled with them, carefully making a difference to each she holds.

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  • Mel

    What a lovely and loving child….. And what an awesome moment, to meet each others eyes and know.
    Ohmygosh the photos are lovely too boot.
    And I’ve tearful–again…..

  • Heather R

    Thank you for being my starfish!

  • Ron

    Katherine, what a stunningly beautiful and touching post!

    “I can only pray that I raise her well enough to have her continue to pick up starfish throughout her life. In my heart, I am certain her arms will forever be filled with them, carefully making a difference to each she holds.”

    Absolutely, my friend….she WILL make a difference to each person she touches and holds throughout her life.

    You’ve done an amazing job in raising your children.


    ((((( You ))))


  • Just a lovely story! Thanks for sharing. You both can tell that tale for years to come! I have never found a starfish!

  • What a lovely post. Add beautiful to the adjectives, bright, loving, funny and smart. She is really pretty.

    I love the topic. Seeing the generous nature in our children and wondering what road it may take in the future.

    When my daughter came out of college, she got a job working in a heart catherization lab. I went to work with her one day as I had driven to the town she was working. I went up to the observation deck that looks over the operating table. Seeing my child with her hands inside someone’s chest working on their heart…brought me back to all the little things I saw in her when she was little. The caring nature, the high intelligence, the sweet girl that turned into a wonderful woman.

    That my friend is where your daughter is heading…A wonderful, caring, beautiful woman.

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! This brought tears of JOY to my eyes!!!!!

  • MIkeWJ

    You’re making it very difficult for me to be snarcastic here.

    In fact, I can’t do it. This is a beautiful post — beautifully written and expressed, as well as inspiring. You and your daughter did a very good thing that day, and I’ve no doubt that you’re raising her to be one of those people who gives more than she gets from life. I wish there were more people like her in the world, and more mothers like you.

    Also, more starfish. Starfish are awesome. I love the photo of the one that’s doing leg lifts in her palm. I’ve never seen a starfish do that before.

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