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Finish This. Peanut Butter And…
Published on Monday, August 2, 2010 by


obx jelly fish

So much beach and so little swimming.  First it was the ice cold water.  Then the crabs.  And this week?  Jelly Fish.  I am talking watch where you step or you will be zapped kind of jelly fish.

This weekend I played tip toe through the jellies on the beach.  The one time I ventured in to the water I played Dodge the Jelly Fish.  Fortunately I won.  THIS TIME.

I considered catching one and wrestling it to the ground for the sake of the blog.  Considered would be the key word here.

Perhaps there is a contest in this?  Guess when Katherine will actually get to SWIM in the Outer Banks water.  I can see the headlines now.  “Remember, hurricane season is just around the corner!  The wind is blowing from land and the crabs are sneaking peeks at her jiggly parts.  What will keep Katherine from swimming today?!”  The suspense is killing me.  I hope it will last…

And speaking of contest.  Do you hear that money jingling?  Could that potentially be YOUR money?  Then be sure to visit my other blog Agoosa for a contest you do not want to miss!

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