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Outer Banks Fox
Published on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by

Lucky, Half Tail, Long Tail and Scrappy.  These have been our foxes over many years in Corolla.  Lucky had no tail, coupled with a wonky leg.  We assumed a car clipped him along route 12.  Lucky boy, that little fox!

Between scraps thrown behind beach houses and cat food left for feral cats, these gray foxes are getting a little too close for their own good.  Nevertheless, far be it from me to miss a photo opportunity!

This weekend Scrappy came for a visit.  Usually these OBX foxes will run the minute they see you move.  However, Saturday night Scrappy gave me a few moments to capture his majestic face with my trusty camera.

The foxes come out just at dusk.  My camera is not able to focus on far away images with the sun almost down.  This made for a hard few moments of frantic snapping.  Despite the handicap, I am in love with the faces this beautiful gray fox made for me!

obx fox

corolla wildlife

gray fox  outer banks fox

standing gray fox

Corolla fox

gray fox picture

mom blog

  • Ron

    Katherine, these photos are faaaaaaaaabulous!!!!

    I can’t get over how CLOSE your camera got to this fox. The markings on its face, ears and body are gorgeous.

    And what a sweet, precious face!

    These photos could be in National Geographic Magazine!

    *two tumbs up*


    • Ron, he is gorgeous, isn’t he?! His markings are incredible… I have never seen them sit still enough to really look. I was so excited to bring the pictures up on my computer.

      He is almost as handsome and foxy as you! 😉

  • Bijoux

    What a gorgeous creature! We have red fox here, but not very often spotted and they are always moving, so I’ve never managed to get a picture.

    • Fox are SO FAST, aren’t they! The minute they hear a THING, much less see you, they are GONE. I was so stunned he sat for a few minutes! I would love to see a red fox – they are so gorgeous!

  • He is quite gorgeous. And how polite of him to sit so nice while you took his picture. I love when wildlife lets us see them without running away at first glimpse.

    • I was stunned that he was sitting there. For a minute he seemed to be watching me. I wish it was daylight when he came out so I could get crisper, more colorful pix… but I was indeed honored for what he gave me!

  • Handsome lad! Nice pics!

    • Isn’t he a gorgeous fox! I would feel bad if he is a she… I kind of made him a he!

  • He’s beautiful. What a gift to live among wildlife, even if they do get a little close. Last week I saw my very first red fox. Tiny guy, running up the road, but so pretty. He ducked under a fence and ran down a real fox hole. I wondered if there were babies. I never get tired of seeing the mama deer with their babies at their sides either. Beautiful photos.

    • I would LOVE to see a red fox! At first we thought these guys were red foxes due to all the red fur they have. But a quick look on the internet told us otherwise. They have so many colors! One year there was a den near us and we could see the kits wander around. We have actually seen deer just a day or two old with their mamas… including twins… LOVE them!

  • He’s a handsome fella. That last seated shot is my favorite because of the look on his face as he realized you were shooting him. I do love my wildlife up close and personal. What fun for all of you.

    • He looked RIGHT AT ME… it was an amazing feeling… I think I caught my breath!

  • Mel

    Oh WOW!! What an awesome moment…and how spectacular that you snatched up the camera AND actually had more than one “decent” one. These are just wonderful…and what a face!!

    • Oh thank you so much! My camera kept going in and out of focus because it was really getting dark. And I don’t have enough skills to quickly change to manual focus and actually GET a picture. I was lucky!

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