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I Should Have Done My Hair
Published on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 by

fisherman's post paper

Memorial Day weekend brought me big pain after a small medical procedure meant to help fix a locked facet joint and twisted spine.  That is a whole other blog post, with recent news about my accident pain that I have yet to fully digest… much less swallow.

I was sent away with strict orders.  No weights.  No lifting.  NO CASTING.  As in IT WAS MEMORIAL DAY AND I WASN’T ALLOWED TO CAST MY OWN LINE.  That might have hurt more than anything so far.  It is the little things, when the pain is so big.

Sunday found us on the beach, fishing rods in hand.  Before you fuss, I never broke the rules.  Not ONCE.  (Plus, my mom was there.  I’m just sayin’…)  My son cast for me while I planted my sorry self in a beach chair.


I got a bite!

BUMP…. Yank….

I got one!

When I began to reel, my heart sank just a bit.  A ray.  Feeling the weight at the end of the line, I was certain I had caught a ray.

Knowing I wasn’t allowed to cast or lift, I immediately handed the fishing rod to David.  When the fish was nearly to shore, I saw its size and knew instantly it was something different from what we have ever caught before.

“GIVE ME THAT ROD,” I believe I snarled… bringing in my fish the last few feet.

Long story short, I caught my first black drum.  My biggest fish EVER.

I wasn’t back to the house five minutes before I began sending my fish picture to the TW’s fishing report.  My son refused to let me use the picture of him holding the fish.  “But honey, you look GREAT in that shot.  You cast the line and reeled it in most of the way!”  “Mom, it was YOUR fish.  You hooked it.  You have to send in YOUR shot!”

Looking down at my picture, I hesitated.  You see…. Things work a bit backwards at the beach house.  You wake up and hit the beach, minus what would normally be your shower.  Fish… walk… swim… suntan lotion… it isn’t until the end of the day that you bathe.

Knowing anglers would be looking at the fish rather than the person holding it, I uploaded my shot.

Two weeks later, my son called me.  Jokingly he said, “Mom, you are famous down here!”  “Huh?”  “I went to TW’s and was asked if that was you in the picture on the surf report.  When I said yes, he handed me a local fishing newspaper.  They put your picture in it with the drum!”




When I showed my mother the paper she winced, smirked and said, “You should have done your hair that day.”


I should have known.  The day I say, “Oh who cares what I look like, no one will be paying attention,” is the day they publish me in a local paper.  A PAPER!

My daughter took this picture of me five days ago.  Can you say, “Thank GOD for makeup and hair product?”

Katherine Schulze

Now why couldn’t I look like that in my fishing picture?

OBX Black Drum

Or even better….

corolla nc

Fishing and looking pretty at the same time.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.  And clearly folks, that ain’t me!


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