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Better Late Than Never – Outdoors
Published on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 by

As if the daily photo challenge during September wasn’t enough, I am now participating in yet another photo challenge.  P.J. from A ‘lil Hoohaa gives us a subject for the month, asking we make one post with five pictures we took for the challenge.  What a great idea!

This month was “Outdoors,” so here I go!

1.  This is the little guy that appeared as a tiny dot in the photo challenge subject, “Frustration.”

rabbit in obx

2.  With the water too rough to swim in, I sat in my beach chair and took pictures of a boy and his dog.

dog ocean toy

3.  A few spots still left!

outer banks deer

4.  This is an old boat left in the woods behind an abandoned antique store I explored.

abandoned boat picture

5.  This reminded me of a man left holding his wife’s purse by the changing rooms.  I absolutely love the colors!

yellow beach umbrella

mom blog

  • Great photos. The deer look like they’re standing in snow, but that couldn’t be. Not where you are 🙂

  • You are a really good sport to go right into another challenge. Great pictures though. I really like them all the but old boat is such a unique and interesting shot.

  • Those are great outdoor shots. Wish I was there to enjoy that beach.

  • I’m so glad you are doing this challenge. Those are lovely shots and the colours in the last one make for a happy photo 🙂

  • lisa

    Welcome to the challenge! I haven’t been doing this one very long either. There’s something very intriguing about the old boat shot. Love the texture of the photo.

  • Ron

    So glad to hear that you’ll be participating in this challenge, Katherine.


    Several of the people blog with participate in this one as well (like Lisa and Babs).

    Faaaaaaabulous shots! Love the ones of the bunny and deer. You know whats funny? I had no idea rabbits and deer would be on the beach. I thought they were only in wooded areas!?

    And I love the colorfulness in that last photo!


    • Ron — you’d be more than welcome to join us, too. 😉

      • Ron

        Hi P.J.

        Thank you for the invite. I may try participating next month.


        • The more the merrier. The new theme is up on my blog today! 🙂

  • Good selection of photos for the month! I love the old boat one and the dog running to the water. Welcome to this crazy challenge. I hope you’ll be continuing with us each month!

  • Tami Von Zalez

    You’ve captured some neat images!

  • These photos are wonderful, Katherine, I’m so glad to see you join the challenge. 🙂 The photo of the dog on the beach is gorgeous, and I love the photo of the old boat.

  • Wow! These are fabulous, Katherine!

  • Hey Katherine! I am returned. Love the boat in the woods! =) Indigo x

  • Such a colorful and fun set, Katherine! As much as I’m sad that summer’s over and fall is upon us, these photos help me remember that we’re in that wonky time when some days are still summer warm. Great variety of subjects from your perch in Corolla.

  • GeoKs

    Welcome to PJ’s monthly photo challenge. I really enjoyed the variety and colour in your photos. Great to see the wildlife, but my favourite is all the bright colours on the beach.

  • netty adys

    Mi forte konsentas al via blogo ….
    i similas Tre Cool .. awesome
    Ne forgesu viziti mian retejon

  • Paul

    That baby deer looks like it’s about ready to strike out on its own. Happy trails to it. Nice set of shots for the theme this month.

  • Great collection of shots. Since I didn’t get to the beach all summer, it’s a pleasure to come here and see your gorgeous seaside photographs.

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