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Our Greatest Fear: Chuck E Cheese!
Published on Sunday, January 4, 2009 by

Yesterday something I have been avoiding for about 8 years finally crossed my path.  It was inevitable once I gave birth to my third child.  It had to be.  And it came.  I had to enter the doors of…. <hold your breath> Chuck E Cheese. 

The last time I was in there, my first (and only, at the time) child was having a blast. (I, on the other hand, was crawling out of my skin, just waiting to get out!)  That is, until CHUCK E CHEESE entered the room.  It was then that I found out my baby had a deep and profound fear of THE BIG WALKING RAT.  

My little guy took one look at this.. this… giant rodent, and ran under the table in fear.  And would NOT come out.  Not even after CHUCK E left.  I literally had to DRAG him out from under the table.  

Any good mother would feel bad for a child who had such a deep set fear.  But I, on the other hand, was pleased. It meant we would never have to go to the loud, loud LOUD mechanical money taking giant freaky mechanical singing creature cardboard pizza serving place again. 

Until yesterday.  And honestly, it wasn’t so bad.  We were at a larger Chuck E Cheese, which somehow made the sound less maddening.  It was clean, the patrons were nice and the staff was hard working.  

BUT.  (yes, I have a big but) – There were three birthday parties going on.  The tables were center stage to the GINORMOUS mechanical singing creatures.  It was announced that Chuck E Cheese would SOON BE OUT!  WOO HOOO!  They put on a video that went along with his entrance, the employees got in line and in comes the rat. Mouse? Rat?  Chuck E. 

And you know what?  He was smaller!  I think they finally realized that a big, towering rodent was actually quite scary for little children.  Here comes the “but.”  Of the three birthday children, all three completely flipped out when Chuck neared their tables.  I mean completely lost it.  Screaming, red faced bundles of birthday joy at Chuck E Cheese.

This is where my big compliment comes.  The staff at Chuck E Cheese – these poor kids who have to sing and dance the birthday song every day – were wonderful.  They continued to sing and dance as if every child was enjoying this special day surprise.  They kept Chuck at a distance – giving the kids some space while continuing the spectacle.  These teens were really good.  My hat is off to them. 

So my Chuck E Cheese adventure is over.  And it wasn’t so bad. The place was clean, it wasn’t very noisy and the kids had a wonderful time.  But I am still preoccupied with the question of who came up with a giant rat as a mascot for little kids.  Oh wait – MICKEY IS A RODENT TOO!  Perhaps they are on to something!

I took a quick video with my camera phone. Notice the angle. I was sitting down, and Chuck sure looks big. Imagine what a child sees. Here is Chuck in all his glory!
Chuck E Cheese Birthday Song

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