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Shoot Me NowOur Corolla Outer Banks Vacation Review (I just crack myself up!)

Our Corolla Outer Banks Vacation Review (I just crack myself up!)
Published on Saturday, July 11, 2009 by

I’m baaaaccckkkk!  Did you miss me?  I’m coming off a week of being “stay at home mom,” with work to follow this Monday. This always means depression.  My dream is to stay at home with my children.  I’m GOOD at it.  I LOVE it.  I am mourning the too quick arrival of Monday.  But this is another post.  In the meantime, I could use a boost!

So where were we and what did we do?  Corolla, of course!  The highlights?  Well, certainly not the weather or beach conditions. The wind was strong and we had a few days of rain.  The ocean was not safe enough for lots of little girl swimming, so I played on the beach with my daughter more than I swam.  But as I said to all the kids – better here in less than perfect conditions then back at home and work!

The greatest moments?  Our tradition on the fourth of July is to watch fireworks at Whalehead Club. Absolutely magical.

fireworks at whalehead club

After dinner each night we sat on the deck and looked for wildlife.  Young fox, birds, deer… we even saw what might have been a fox with no tail and half of a back right leg.  He was quite fat so he is doing well out there, but what in the world WAS that thing!!  The magical discovery?  Our baby deer, as seen here before in pictures, is a TWIN.  Picture Mama with two babies prancing behind.  Sometimes spooking themselves, sometimes gazing far into the brush.  As I’ve said before, “Hold your breath.  Shhhhh.  Watch.  Remember.”  These are times my children will carry with them well past my time on earth.

corolla deer

baby deer twins

And true to my regular form – picture me during a thunderstorm. The dog has to go out.  NOW.  The stair light is burned out.  I pray the lightening won’t strike as I race down the ever familiar staircase to let her go potty.  I miss a step.  I never knew that step was there?!  FLAT ON MY BACK, RAIN FALLING OVER ME, ANKLE HURTING, SON WORRIED I AM NOT OK, BUT I AM, SO I LAUGH HYSTERICALLY.  Glad that didn’t make ME go potty!  Grace isn’t my middle name and never will be.  Thankfully, only my pride was hurt.

And for my finale, I went grocery shopping for a few items with my 13 year old son and my younger daughter.  She was in the cart while he took the wheel.  Ahh, look!  Coke cases right in front.  A nice treat for our picnic on the beach, don’t you think?  Wait. This box is stuck to that one.  Maybe if I pick up the back one it will detach? 

Slow motion begins.  Case detaches, falls to the floor, box breaks open, cans roll out while they begin to burst and spray coke everywhere. On my son, on me, on my daughter and all over the floor.  Silence.  Cold stares from the cashiers. 

I quickly attempt a chuckle and a jokingly accusing “MICHAEL!” but he has already shot out of there with my daughter and cart in tow. DARN – DIDN’T WORK!  I hung my head and shuffled to the nearest employee.  “Ummm… uhhh…. Is there someone that can clean this up?”  SNORT.  MAYBE.”  UGLY STARE.  Me shuffling off.  Two aisles later I found the kids and we shared a good laugh.  Then I sent my son back to take a picture.  An employee had already begun to clean the mess, but my son still managed a good “after shot.”  That’s my boy.  Poor kids.  With me as their mother, they are doomed.

exploding coke

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