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She Played The Card. And I Caved.
Published on Sunday, March 7, 2010 by

Sunday.  A day of rest.  But normally, not for me.  Sunday is the day I panic, realizing Saturday went by way to fast and gosh, the house is a mess.  The paperwork isn’t done.  The van is still a toxic waste dump!

I assumed this Sunday would be the same.  Until my nine year old daughter nudged me in bed and said, “Mom!  Mom!  I have a great idea!”  Then, her voice got a bit hushed as she whispered, “We never get alone time.  Just you and me.  Can we go to the zoo today?  Alone?”

In my mind, I pictured the dirty house, the dirty van, the stacks of bills – all crashing down around me.  For my daughter had played THE CARD.  The “we never get time alone” card.

Two hours later, we were on the train in the Virginia Zoo.  Smiling.  And happy.

For a good part of the afternoon we walked, talked, took pictures and laughed.  The sun was shining, causing the all the animals to come out and get warm.   And look cute.  VERY CUTE.

Please forgive me for this.  I’m sorry.  So so sorry.  But the cuteness was just too cute.  I’ve got to post the cuteness.  The rainbow pony butterfly cotton candy cuteness.  It was all just so darned CUTE.

virginia zoo

Have you had enough cute?  Yes?  Well I’m sorry, I have a bit more.  For today, I saw Goat Cuteness.  And I had to share with the amazing blog Nanny Goats in Panties.  These goats are pantyless.  But cute. Oh so cute.

My house is still a mess.  My bills are not yet paid.  And my van?  Well, you know.  But today, I made memories with my nine year old daughter.  Who won’t be nine forever.  And I thank God for the opportunity we had to laugh, share and play.  And see cuteness.

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  • Trust me, when she gets older she won’t remember if the house or van were clean. But she’ll remember the day that Mom said “yes” and went to the zoo with her. I know that may sound trite and cliche, but it’s absolutely true.

  • I love this story – that you and your daughter got some “alone time”. How wonderful for both of you, and you have pictures to commemorate the day.

    And your goat pictures are awesome!!!! Sooooo cute!!

    – Margaret

  • Jen

    I love the zoo, and indeed there was much cuteness. Don’t know about that ground hog thing as being cute but to each his I own I guess.

    I’m so glad you got out with the little one, we all need to do more of that.

    Yay Spring!

  • That was certainly a lot of cuteness. Sometimes, you just have to leave the mess and have some alone time. She is at a great age to do that. It will encourage her to talk to you when she gets older and doesn’t know what to do.

  • What a great thing to do. And they are all cute. I love the goat pictures because we have goats here too. And the house and car will still be there tomorrow. I bet your daughter won’t forget that great trip to the zoo either.

  • “My house is still a mess. My bills are not yet paid. And my van? Well, you know. But today, I made memories with my nine year old daughter. Who won’t be nine forever. ” Heart warming. The love of a parent is really amazing. Your daughter is lucky to have you as her mother. 🙂

  • OH! All that cuteness was just too cute! And, all that mess and all the bills aren’t going anywhere. But you wont ALWAYS be able to make memories with your nine year old daughter. And, I love that you did!

  • Goats are the ultimate in cute.
    I know

  • Very cute – I was up at the park by The Childrens Hospital around 10 this morning and I thought, one of the kids is going to ask me to take them to the zoo – they didn’t – maybe I was channeling your kid, since you’re in Norfolk too. They really have a beautiful zoo here we visit it frequently and LOVE it. The principal at the kids school even has the kids watching the eagle cam, one of the eggs hatched last week and they were all so excited.

    • All three are hatched now – we check on them off and on at work every day!! 🙂 My mom has been a docent at the zoo for about 25 years. She works with the hawk – here she is in her 70’s holding a huge hawk on her arm and feeding it previously frozen mice that she cut up herself. VERY cool. Today would have been a nice botanical gardens day. We were planning on that (to see the eagles too) but then she got her playdate… so off i went to Little Island!

  • We’ll be going to the Va Zoo this week. I love the little gopher hill where you can pop your head through. Hope my pics tun out as well as yours. Sounds like a great day! And I’ll go anywhere not to have to deal with the mess at the house:)

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