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One Down, Two To Go
Published on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 by

My middle son graduated Sunday from Middle School.  This is the same school he has attended for ten years, making this a monumental, emotional and bittersweet event.  I look back fondly on his elementary and middle school days and anticipate a bright and happy future for him.

Right now he is horizontal on the couch.  He deserves it!

Two left.  One in high school and one in second grade.   Both are out this Friday.  My high school student is taking finals this week and has been studying hours at a time.  Saturday night he was up until 4:00 a.m. reading over biology.  When I stumbled out of my bedroom Sunday morning, I found these papers on the couch.

funny homework

I’m sure somewhere in there it says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” but I haven’t found it yet.  There is a fine line between studiousness and insanity and I believe my son found that line!

mom blog

  • Two things strike me here.

    1. Time flies. Yes, it’s cliche, but it’s true. I have one older “stepson” who’s 28. And three little ones who are 6,7, 9. I remember when my older son was 5 like it was yesterday. So I’m trying to enjoy each day. Damn that’s hard.

    2. Now this is going to sound hypocritical based on my first comment. BUT………I’m worried about the summer. My wife will be working full time and I’m going to be home all day with my kids. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @One of The Guys, You are a SUPER DAD! Just throw some food in the back yard, throw them after it and lock the door. You can let them use the hose for water!

      They DO grow fast. People tell you that when you are a new parent, but you don’t GET IT until your kids are taller than you… !

  • Jen

    We’ve been doing the same things around here. Lots of crankiness in the house for all the studying going on. I can’t wait until the 11th when they are both out. It will last for a week and then I will want them back in but for that week it will be heaven for everyone.

    • @Jen, Yup, the posts about the kids being bored are coming for sure, from lots of folks! I am always dreading school starting – the stress melts away in the summer, no matter how bored my kids get, I’m happy!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog! I noticed on your side bar it says Corolla/Va. Beach. Do you live in Va. Beach? I live in Va. Beach but go on vacation to OBX. My youngest son used to do that (pen punctures) all over his papers when he was supposed to be studying!

    • @SuziCate, NO WAY! Yup! Live in Norfolk (on the border of va bch) and my mom has a house in Corolla so we are there most weekends in the summer. Its early and I have to get to work, but will dive into your blog more and email you!!! 🙂

  • I don’t envy the high schoolers with all of their year end homework and papers.

    Was he stabbing the life out of that poor sheet of paper?

    • @Joey @ Big Teeth & Clouds, I picture more slow, methodical holes as 4 a.m. crept up. He must have been SO TIRED…. and he probably snuck a monster at his friend’s house, making him tired but unable to go to sleep 😉

  • to be a good school is so hard,to be a good Mather is more.

    • @Adrian Diaz, Wow that is beautiful! School is certainly hard, but you are right, there has never been a harder job than being a mother, especially when they make all their own decisions…!

  • The fact that he actually brings the books home and opens them is a prop to you. They should call the moms up there when the kid finally graduates.

    • @Sheila Sultani, I agree! And in this case, it is Mom and Grandma for sure. I was lucky he stayed up so late. Every time I see The Middle I laugh because he is “Axle” to me!

  • Remember summer break as a kid, it was awesome! It seemed to last forever. Now it goes by in a blink of an eye. Everything does! I always heard time flies but never really believed it until now.

    • @Dalia, You are so right, time DOES fly. I remember everyone throwing their papers in to the air on the last day. The poor custodial staff probably hated the last day of school. I particularly remember the last day of my sophomore year – the bus was pulling out and there were papers ALL OVER the black top. Kids don’t think, do they? But the JOY you felt getting off the bus that last time – it was amazing!

  • Congrats on getting through another year of school! (That’s what I tell my sister every summer my nephew moves ahead. I usually get replies like “WHEN is your kid going to be of age?”)

    • @Sprite’s Keeper, For me, it really IS congrats for getting through another year – schooltime is so stressful b/c we always get sick for the whole year, the schedule is crazy… summer is my HERO!

  • Im excited about my son getting out of school on the 18th of June. But I’m also kind of worried about what to do with him since this is the FIRST year he will NOT be going to camp!

    I know what you mean about feeling nostalgic about your son graduating middle school. Time really goes by way too fast. And I feel so badly for your poor son who was up until 4am studying!

    LOL @ Sheila ” They should call the moms up there when the kid finally graduates” Amen to that!

    • @meleah rebeccah, Yes, all moms should march in FRONT of their kids Meleah! Oh and don’t feel sorry for David – he is officially out and is a happy camper… that was the ONLY all nighter he pulled LOL!

  • I think that kid really needs some rest. Who knows what he poke next time. And you should make him stay out of fluffy furniture for sure. Just saying.

    • @Custom Label Printing, I was actually thinking… where was the paper when he pushed pens into it? I might have ink dots all over the couch!

  • Man, when I saw that the study sheet was about science and microscopes and things that make me zone out I took a pencil and started to poke the paper that sitting near me. Ugh.

    I do like the pattern of cursive Ds all over the paper, though.

    • @cardiogirl, Love it!!! Thanks for the huge smile. I think those pictures might be haunted, causing everyone to punch holes in to anything near them!

  • The most part of pupils and students began to learn hard three days right before the exam.

    • @Paul, My oldest doesn’t even have to study for German. As long as he is in class he picks it up – he is SO lucky. Same for History. He does really well in the subjects he LIKES. I wonder if that is typical?

  • Oy. I believe that’s framable!

    • @parenting ad absurdum, What a great fun thing to give him framed for his high school graduation in two years… and maybe tape money on the back! Now I have to find it! 😉

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