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Once Upon A Time, There Were Wilderness People And Trolls…
Published on Monday, November 16, 2009 by

Once upon a time, a tree fell in the back yard during a very terrible storm.  It was a storm that lasted for days and days.  And then, the sun came out.  And it was good.  And the wilderness people ventured forth.

The father of the wilderness people said they could NOT venture into the wilderness, for he had forgotten how to be a kid. This made them very sad:

But the MOTHER of the wilderness people told them to GO FOR IT as soon as their father was away.  Of COURSE she checked for safety first!

So the two wilderness people ventured out in to the new magic garden.   But they had to be careful – for there were trolls around every corner.  These terrible trolls disguised themselves as big brothers, elderly neighbors and grandfathers.

Their only defense was to make special bombs that would “splatter ink on the trolls, quickly peeling off their skin.  But there was no blood because the trolls had no heart, no lungs, no nothing.  Just bones, skin and hair.”

There was a troll that slightly resembled a big brother.  They needed to keep him out.  So they created a blockade out of large branches and leaves.

The wilderness people had babies that they needed to protect.  They kept the babies in a special hidden nest.  After all, there were birds that went after the babies!  So they kept a long branch with leaves nearby to shoo them away.

And when the Mountain People got hungry, they went to the island to eat their grapes, bananas and cookies.  They even had a special tea pot that held pineapple juice.  There was little else to drink on such an island.

The sun shone, the birds came back out and the adventures began.  And it was good.

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