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On Mothers and Camels
Published on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 by

A mother.  The moment you become one, your life starts anew as the lowly camel.

What is that, you say?  Mothers are like camels?

Indeed, we mothers are true bosom buddies to the camel.

moms and camels

Our loads are always heavy as we lug babies, bags and sports equipment from this field to that.

We carry water for others, but often work with parched mouths of our own.  And not a sippy cup in sight labeled, “Mom.”

As mothers, we carry the burdens of others who forever need us.

Our paths are long, with no end in site.  Diapers, toddlers, tweens and teens.  Student drivers, college bound graduates and newlywed dreams.  First jobs, first homes and grandchildren arrive.

We are thirsty.  We are tired.  We are nearing the end of our time-consuming journey.

But we are happy.  Because out of these wonderful beings we created, we know one will take us under his or her wing.  We will be pampered.  Cared for.  Thanked.  And Loved.

Soon, we will be carried rather than carry.  It is now our turn for a long, tall drink of life.

“Mom, I have the greatest news.  Everything is taken care of.  You will just love this.”

hawaii abandoned retirement home
Today’s blog writing challenge subject was the hardest subject so far.  I agonized, thought, plotted and brainstormed.  And then it hit me.  And this post became my favorite of the bunch!

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