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On Being A Redhead
Published on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by

hot redheadsI can tell you this.  It was hard growing up as a redhead.  Little boys and girls just don’t GET redheads.  We appear to have no eyebrows; we are sprinkled with freckles and stand out in a crowd with that orangey-red hair.  To not tease a redhead would be a waste, don’t you think?

And tease they did.  “Freckle Face!”  “Carrot Top!”  “BOZO!”  Each name was like a slap in the face.  “Mom, why do I have to have red hair!”

Through all this, the adults tried to reassure me.  “You are so lucky to have red hair!”  “You are beautiful!”  “You will appreciate your hair when you are older, TRUST ME.”  The “Trust Me” had an overtone that as a child I failed to recognize.  But now I do.

Just hit the “keyword suggestion tool” sites and type in redhead.  The first on your list will simply be “redhead.”  But move down a bit.  You’ve got redhead, readheads and then HOT redheads.  Now you’re talking.  Sexy redhead, naked redhead and busty redhead follow.

It gives me great pleasure to look at this list.  Sometimes I will type in redhead just to see those dirty redhead overtones.  And then I picture that one boy in particular who would constantly torment me with redhead slams.  “Yea buddy, I’m not so bad NOW, am I!”  <spit, scratch!>

Much to my chagrin, my hair became more chestnut colored as I grew older and had babies.  But even knowing the teasing I received as a child, I dreamed of having a daughter with red hair.

My dream came true on baby number three.  And oh what a redhead she is.

But why do I say it that way?  What is the stereotype for redheads?  At first thought, don’t the words “temper” and “hothead” come to mind?  Just go back to The Quiet Man to see this stereotype in action.  Yet we still hear John Wayne say to Maureen O’Hara, “Being with you pleases me!”  Maybe that brings us to the second stereotype – hot redhead?

So why are us redheads deemed as outcasts in so many circles, destined to one day die out with our decreasing gene pool?  Why do my sons constantly taunt my daughter with “GINGER!” and “DYING BREED?!”   If we are so beautiful as adults, why are we just so UGLY as kids?  At least through the eyes of other children?

I’m proud I was a true redhead.  And I’m even more proud I have one of my own.  Of course I will be locking her up when she turns 16.  She can come out when I’m ready for redheaded grandchildren.

What stereotypes do you think of when it comes to redheads?  Did you ever tease a redhead when you were young?  Are girl redheads acceptable while boys are not?  Or has Conan changed all that?  What do you think?

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