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If Only The Dead Could Whisper
Published on Thursday, March 20, 2014 by

My daughter and I recently attended a graveside funeral.  After the service, she and I drove around the cemetery to look at the old and beautiful grave stones.

“Look Mom!  That one isn’t in English!”

She and I had come across a section that contained several Chinese headstones.  We pulled over in order to see them close-up.

chinese engraved headstone

These stones were breathtaking.  The history behind them leaves me with nothing but questions.  Were the people born here or did they come over from China?  How many children did they have?  Did they have a difficult life?  Imagine all the changes they saw over the course of their many years!

headstone with Chinese

English Chinese headstone

Father Fook Hong Wong died at 66 years old.  In his picture he is wearing a suit, which makes me imagine he built a business out of hard work and determination.  You can almost see that determination in his eyes, with what appears to be much kindness as well.

picture on grave stone

Mother Mark G. Ying Wong passed at 74 years old.  Why was her name Mark?  She is beautiful with her full lips, high cheek bones and lovely skin.  To me, she looks tired.  I see her as the matriarch.  The one who cooks, cleans, cares for the children and keeps the family together.

chinese woman

Who were they?  Did they have an arranged marriage?  Do they still have family in this area?

If only the dead could whisper their stories to those who pass them by.

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