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Sand In My Camera And Dogs In The Sea
Published on Sunday, August 25, 2013 by

Outrageous winds and strong currents meant no swimming or fishing this weekend.

My son asked if I could take some pictures of him skimming.  “I never bring my camera on the beach honey.  I am afraid sand will ruin it.  And with this wind…..”

“Mom, I only feel sand blowing six inches from the ground.  I think it will be fine.”

I should have stuck to my self-imposed rule.  Because a week before the great ZivaMike photo challenge, I now have sand embedded in my camera.  NEVER take your camera to a windy beach.  EVER.

I will be going to the camera expert at work tomorrow for sure.  “HELLLPPPPPPPPP!”

On a good note, I snapped a few pictures of a boy and his dog playing in the rough surf.  Not photographic genius… just tons of fun!

boy and dog

throw dog toy

dog fetches

ocean dog toy

yellow lab fetching


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  • Ron

    GREAT photos, Katherine!

    Love the crispness and clarity. WOW!

    And let me tell ya, it’s not easy to photograph moving water.

    Well done!

    And I hope all works out with getting your camera all clean out. That’s one of my fears as well. That, and getting caught in the rain and getting water damage.

    Have a faaaaaaabulous week, my friend!

    Looking forward to the Photo Challenge!


  • And totally worth it! Dogs and water are superb together. Now, quick, get it fixed! Indigo x

  • Oh, I love those pictures. There is hardly anything more precious than a boy with his dog. Looking forward to seeing your photos in the challenge….so get that camera working again.

  • Wow – these photos are FABULOUS! But I sure hope your camera gets fixed before the challenge begins!

  • Ah! This happened to me back in the days of non-digital SLR’s. Man I loved that camera! I miss film.

    • My oldest son’s friend is taking photography as his minor in college. We just had a discussion about film. Here he is, a young man not yet 21 saying, “All I want to use is film. The pictures are so much better!”

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