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It’s A Shitty Job, But Somebody Has To Do It!
Published on Monday, August 5, 2013 by

Every weekend I hear the truck slowly making its way through the neighborhood.  Roarrrrr…. Screech…. Ka THUNK!  You can usually smell the truck before it turns the corner.

I have always had great respect for the trash collectors in the Outer Banks.  I walk by Saturday’s filled trashcans when they are at their fullest, usually spilling over in to other bags on the ground.  Imagine a mix of stale beer, wine bottles, rotten bait, old crab shells, diapers and more, all cooking in 90 degree heat.

These guys have to deal with the smell and mess every single week.  What an amazingly hard job they have.  Once they are through, Corolla is beautiful again.

Indeed, I have great admiration for those who work in waste management in OBX.  But now I have a similar respect.  Because walking through the parking lot of Monterey Plaza with my daily Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, I spotted this particular truck.

we take crap

outer banks tnt


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  • What an AWESOME logo on that truck!!

    PS: I also have MUCHO respect for anyone in waste management!

  • Ron


    OMG Katherine, that slogan on the back of the truck is HYSTERICAL!!!!!

    Yes, I too admire and have great respect for trash collectors – especially in a city where the trash and smell can be horrendous – especially during the HOT summer months!

    Hope you’re having a FABU week, girl!


  • Mel

    *laughing* I adore their logo. And I don’t want their job! 😉

  • I love their slogan. As a Realtor, I have to go on septic system inspections fairly often which means the inspection company has to pump out the tank. Sounds fun right? All these companies have funny names and slogans. One of the companies I deal a lot with is called the Honey Wagon Septic. I am here to tell you their product does not smell like honey.

  • They are called “honeydrippers” which I think is Scotish for “we take crap”.

    They deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom and some anti-bacterial Blueberry scented liquid soap.

  • Excuse me, I hafta go wash my hands. Indigo x

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