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Deer Smiles and Super Moons
Published on Sunday, July 13, 2014 by

Every Sunday while driving away from Corolla I think back on all the adventures we had over a short day and a half. Not once do I take any moment for granted. Here is a bit of this past weekend in pictures.

Now that my kids are old enough to say, “Don’t take my picture!” I am forced to turn my camera elsewhere. Fortunately, our Corolla baby deer is more than happy to smile for all the pictures I take.

deer smile

obx baby deer

We have a strict rule when eating dinner outside on the deck. You are allowed to leave the table if you see wildlife. As a matter of fact, it is almost a requirement. My daughter saw this young baby rabbit and took a few pictures before he hopped away.

wild bunny

This cicada stopped to take a rest on our railing. I love how you can see things in a picture that you did not notice with the naked eye. For instance, he has a red dots on his forehead and has beautiful spots across his eyes.

cicada close up

Who knew that drinking wine can lead to a scientific discussion on refraction? (OK OK.. the truth is, I exclaimed, “The house looks upside down through my wine!” and then I took a picture.)

glass refraction

Saturday night was one of the three super moons that will rise in 2014. I haven’t touched up this photo at all. Our Corolla Outer Banks super moon was a stunning and beautiful orange.

July 2014 Super Moon

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