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Where The Streets Have No Name
Published on Thursday, November 27, 2014 by

I’m going to tell on myself.  I went through the entire month thinking the November Photo Challenge was “A Road to Nowhere.”  Boy did I have some good shots, thanks to my daughter.  Her ideas included cigarettes, bullying, judging and money.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I saw the REAL theme is “where the streets have no name.”   Yup, that’s how I generally roll.

After a quick panic I realized I had tons of pictures I could use.  Because for me, Corolla is truly a place where the streets have no names.  Sure, there are street signs on most.  But to me, Corolla is where nothing has a label.  It is where I go to get away… it is where the streets have no name.

1.  Now that the tourists are gone, I am able to let Moon run on the beach every morning.  I have been bringing my camera because you never know what you will see.  The clouds along the horizon were beautiful on this particular day.

obx corolla sunrise


2.  Five deer were wandering behind our house.  When they saw me, this sweet girl walked closer to see what we were up to.Corolla deer face


3.  Another morning sunrise.  Sigh.

beach sunrise
4.  This is a whelk egg casing.  If you open up a segment you will find tiny little whelk shells.

whelk egg casing


5.  For years I have passed by this sign.  I promised myself I would stop for a picture but was always afraid to do it.  Imagine driving down a long road surrounded by trees and approaching a beautiful old white church.  After passing the church, however, you notice a dirt road with the following HORRIFYING SIGN:

obx metal purgatory sign


All I can think of is hooded church elders bringing innocent teens through the purgatory gates and back to a torture building in which monsters scare the teens in to a religious fit.  Even looking at the picture makes me shudder.  I find this “no trespassing” dirt road to purgatory absolutely terrifying.


Purgatory sign

mom blog

  • Well, what a fun post this is. I love the purgatory part the very best. Scary indeed.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    • I still can’t understand what that purgatory is or was…. there was another sign that mentioned no trespassing because it was a tree farm. Ummmm yea… a TREE farm, that’s what it is! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Yes, the purgatory sign/scene is disturbing! What were they thinking?? Love the sunset shot and the deer…and the clouds over the ocean and the shell casing, and……:-)

    • I just can’t imagine what that sign is for. The church is BEAUTIFUL. Old and lovely. Why they would have a scary sign like that is beyond me!

  • Gotta love it – no trespassing into purgatory! hahahahah

    I too had the wrong prompt in mind – ah well it all worked out.

    • Being a Catholic, I find the purgatory sign so bizarre. And I don’t think we are supposed to believe in purgatory anymore ha ha ha!

  • Ron

    Katherine, that last shot with the two signs is CHILLING but it’s a flawless capture!

    Honestly, my friend, these photographs are AWESOME! The first one WOW! And the second shot of the sunset is amazing! The sun looks like a star! And those tender and sweet eyes on the deer are so precious.

    Well done on this theme!

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Day!


    • Ron, I would love to see YOU take pictures of the purgatory section… your eye is so amazing. You would be able to do something really unique with it. And HOW CREEPY IS THAT PLACE!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

      I have another deer shot I am going to post eventually…. all five saw me come out and looked up at me. Pretty neat 🙂

  • No trespassing. Good advice.

  • GeoKs

    No matter that you mis-remembered the theme for the most of the month. You finished up with a great set of photos that showcases the great outdoors. And you prompted me to go learn something, since I had no idea what a whelk might be (hey, I live on the prairies where the closest thing is prairie oysters and no, you don’t want to know ). That close up of the egg casing is a fantastic shot. Thanks for posting.

    • A lot of people see the whelk shells here and think they are conch shells. I guess I need to google those to see the differences. But these are definitely whelk. Sometimes we find the shells full and throw them back in to the water. 🙂

  • Paul Myers

    Great close up shot of the deer. The story of the two at the end is really well done.

    • I just love our deer. It is so funny… I am always taking pictures of them and recognize most of them… while my son is at my house with deer in the freezer. Everybody appreciates deer in different ways. 🙂

  • Mike Davis

    Lovely photos. The clouds in the first one are spectacular.

  • That little deer is precious! You do find some interesting things there such as the whelk egg casing. I’ve never seen such a thing. There is one dirt road I don’t wish to explore. You were brave stopping for the picture.

  • If the second sign wasn’t there, I’d have an awful hard time not walking down to Purgatory, just to get a glimpse. Just sayin’. 😀

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