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Caught with his Bare Hands!
Published on Sunday, July 8, 2012 by

corolla nc

Menhaden.  Schools and schools of them all week long.  There were many anglers trying to catch them with bottom rigs.  We were included in that group, until our favorite at TW’s told us to try a spoon.  And with that one spoon, my son became King of the Menhaden.

When our cooler was particularly full, a renter approached us with a special request.  “My buddy has been trying to catch these fish all week and hasn’t gotten a single one.  Can I borrow one of your fish and make him think I caught it with my bare hands?”

A practical joke.  And a good one.  Absolutely.  Our cooler is your cooler.  The group he was with even had a video camera to record the fun.  I couldn’t wait.

Shortly after, I watched him sneak a fish out of our cooler and walk it to the water’s edge.  He bent over, hands in the waves just waiting for his friend to approach.

When the moment was JUST RIGHT, he yelled, held our fish up in the air and called out, “I got one!”  With fish in hand he ran up to his friend who was still holding an empty fishing rod.

All of his friends were in on it, ranting and raving over the man who caught a fish without a rod and reel.  I heard, “You have been fishing all week and haven’t gotten a thing.  Yet I can catch one with my BARE HANDS!?”

From a distance, I could see everyone start to laugh, including the actual fisherman.  What a great group of people with an even greater practical joke.

For those few minutes, my son was happy to hand over his menhaden crown.  I wonder if those people will Youtube it!

Now that I am back from vacation I am back to writing.  And even better, starting tomorrow night I can visit everyone’s blogs again!  I’ve missed a week of your writing.  I can’t wait!

mom blog

  • That’s a good joke.  I may have a chance to use it next month on vacation!
    I just realized you left a nice comment for me a year and a half ago for a post called ‘Tips for Life’.  I hadn’t been writing that long and I wanted to thank you for your support.

  • Mel

    OH my gosh… fun what THAT?!
    I’da loved to have been a mouse in the corner for that one!

    Very nice to get the spoon tip–looks like he knew what he was talking about!

    Welcome back!!  Here’s hoping you’re feeling better…..

    • Thank you so much Mel.  I had two days where the pain was pretty bad while on vacation.  One morning I could not get out of bed on my own… a nerve was pinched in my back.  Tomorrow is my official doctor’s visit with my pcp…. I can get everything in writing about what I need – pt, chiropractor…I really can’t wait – I am OVER this!  🙂  THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD THOUGHTS!

  • What great fun! I would love to see the poor sole, er, soul’s reaction.

    How was your vacation? 

    • The vacation was WONDERFUL.  A full week at Mom’s beach house – and the weather was PERFECT.  We completely lucked out.  The following week was wind and rain.  We had my brother, his daughters, my mom and me and the kids under one roof for a week and NO fights.  How amazing is that?

  • Glad you enjoyed your vacation.  It sounds like it was great fun.  I took some time away from the blog, but alas, no vacation.  Soon!

    • I think it’s funny how with the blog challenge I managed every night, but since then I’m faltering. I guess just tons of catch up at home!

  • Katherine – I love practical jokes, and that was a good one! I saw you left a comment on my blog about your traffic accident – I hope you feel better soon. Please get a good personal injury lawyer ASAP. My hubby was injured in 2007 a traffic accident (someone rear ended him when he was stopped at a red light) and is now permanently disabled. We STILL have not received any compensation for his injuries!

    • I have heard so many stories like this… so scary!!!!  I actually got a lawyer’s name from my mom’s financial advisor… someone who is very good and respected.  I left a message for the assistant – I assume I’ll hear this week.  Little things I didn’t know, like you should be compensated for how much your car is devalued on carfax since it was in an accident.  Of course my biggest thing is the health costs… the lady who hit me is fully responsible. I need to be sure it is all paid for.  I am so sorry about your husband – I can’t imagine  not being compensated… and being disabled too!  SO FRUSTRATING!

  • LogodaedalyGiggle
  • Ron

    Katherine, how funny! What a faaaabulous joke!

    And WOW….I can’t believe how many Menhaden your son caught!!!!


    Hope you had an awesome time on your vacation!

    Have a super weekend!


    • Ron, I just went to your blog and LOVED the video… especially loved the very first freeze frame of who you started with… wink wink!  I tried to leave a message but it just loops and loops – I can never quite get to a place where I can comment on your blog when I am in NC using my phone to tether.  Not your site, it is my slowness out in the boonies here!  🙂  So this is my comment to your blog, and I will catch you later this week on my “real” internet! 🙂

  • Sounds like you had a fun and well-earned vacation.  What are you going to do with all those fish?   Fish ‘n’ chips maybe?   

    • In a way…. those are menhaden, which are bait fish.  They are now in the freezer and will be used for bait on our next trips.  We gave half to our fishing friend who is saving them for striper season.  We used our first today and I caught a bluefish off of one! Now THAT was dinner!

      • Freshly caught and cooked fish!   Yum!

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