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Caught with his Bare Hands!
Published on Sunday, July 8, 2012 by

corolla nc

Menhaden.  Schools and schools of them all week long.  There were many anglers trying to catch them with bottom rigs.  We were included in that group, until our favorite at TW’s told us to try a spoon.  And with that one spoon, my son became King of the Menhaden.

When our cooler was particularly full, a renter approached us with a special request.  “My buddy has been trying to catch these fish all week and hasn’t gotten a single one.  Can I borrow one of your fish and make him think I caught it with my bare hands?”

A practical joke.  And a good one.  Absolutely.  Our cooler is your cooler.  The group he was with even had a video camera to record the fun.  I couldn’t wait.

Shortly after, I watched him sneak a fish out of our cooler and walk it to the water’s edge.  He bent over, hands in the waves just waiting for his friend to approach.

When the moment was JUST RIGHT, he yelled, held our fish up in the air and called out, “I got one!”  With fish in hand he ran up to his friend who was still holding an empty fishing rod.

All of his friends were in on it, ranting and raving over the man who caught a fish without a rod and reel.  I heard, “You have been fishing all week and haven’t gotten a thing.  Yet I can catch one with my BARE HANDS!?”

From a distance, I could see everyone start to laugh, including the actual fisherman.  What a great group of people with an even greater practical joke.

For those few minutes, my son was happy to hand over his menhaden crown.  I wonder if those people will Youtube it!

Now that I am back from vacation I am back to writing.  And even better, starting tomorrow night I can visit everyone’s blogs again!  I’ve missed a week of your writing.  I can’t wait!

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