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Look Up!
Published on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 by

This month’s photo challenge theme is, “Look Up.”  This is my favorite theme so far – it helped  me to remember to always look up!  That is the downside to being addicted to finding seaglass.  Your eyes are always gazing towards the ground!

  1.  From a hospital bed to looking up at a Frisbee on the beach!

catching frisbie

2.  Daughter and cattle dog… UP!

cattle dog jumping

3.  Sometimes when you look up with the naked eye you don’t see the whole picture.  At first glance, these were common pelicans flying along the Outer Banks.  But in zooming in I found that three of these pelicans are banded!

pelicans with bands

4.  There is a wave coming, fishermen.  Look up!

reels in water

5.  If you look up in Corolla, you never quite know what you will see.  This OBX mullet can attest to that!

fish in osprey talons



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