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Remember my wonderful amazing neighbor who recently moved to NY due to her husband’s orders?  The one I miss so much it HURTS???  Well, she wrote today’s post.  I love her style just as much as I love her!


My Journey to run for Camp Hole in the wall and the NYC Marathon

Hi!  My name is Heather and I am hijacking…… I mean borrowing my neighbors’ blog to tell you about my running journey for Camp Hole in the wall and the NYC Marathon.

I by no means am a fast runner, I run slower than a herd of turtles running through peanut butter.  I am a Navy wife, who is now hooked on running.  My journey as a runner started back in 2010 when I decided to train for the Warrior Dash in San Diego.  I was hooked.

After the Warrior Dash, my husband and I moved to Norfolk VA where I started to look for races while he checked into his new Command at Naval Station Norfolk.  He then deployed shortly thereafter to Cuba.  A couple of months into deployment I decided to run the Shamrock Half Marathon. I was officially hooked on running long distance after this race.

After my husband made it home safely from Cuba, we found out he was going to Afghanistan a month later.  It was then that I decided I would train for the Shamrock Full Marathon.  You haven’t truly trained for a marathon until you have attempted running with two dogs in tow.  Let’s just say I began to alternate the pups!

Race day for the Shamrock arrived and the weather was amazingly cool.  My husband Jon was able to track my progress from Afghanistan.  I ran wearing my lucky race shirt that many family members from all over the country had signed with words of encouragement and then sent to me.

race t shirt

During the race I met two wonderful women, Barb and Erin, who I would finish the race with.

end of race

A couple weeks after the Marathon Barb got in touch with me and we got to talking.  It was through this conversation that I decided to run for Charity in the New York City Marathon.

The Charity I chose was Camp Hole in the Wall which was founded by Paul Newman in1986.  Camp Hole in the Wall gives kids with a variety of illnesses and mobility challenges a place to be a kid.  Many of the counselors are previous Campers. 🙂

After months of training and fundraising for the 2012 New York Marathon, Hurricane Sandy hit.

The Mayor of New York assured everyone the race would go on as planned. So I made the trek up to Barb’s house and literally on my way in to get my race number and t-shirt they cancelled the race 36 hours before the start! Talk about a major bummer not getting to run after all the work. But I knew that it was the right decision for the city and for the safety of all of us who were running.

Fast forward one year later I am again running for Camp Hole in the Wall.  The best part?  My husband is home this year to watch me finish the race, and he is running the NYC Marathon as well.  It is also his first marathon!  I am super excited to be able to run for Camp Hole in the Wall and run in a race with my husband as well.  I know he will finish hours before me, but knowing he will be at the finish line will be amazing!!!

If you or your friends and family can help me in my fundraising for Camp Hole in the Wall, here is the link to my donation page:

Heather’s Race for Camp Hole in the Wall

I have made a commitment to the kids that I am determined to reach.  ANY dollar amount would be so appreciated!!!!

Thank you for your donations and support for Camp Hole in the Wall!

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