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Nothing Goes With Bagels Like….
Published on Sunday, November 8, 2009 by

I’m tired.  Very very tired.  This weekend we had to work on Sunday.  Six day work week – woo hoo!

You know what?  When you work on Sunday, it pretty much wrecks the whole weekend.  Friday night is your “one night to stay up,” but you are so tired it just doesn’t spell p-a-r-t-y.  Saturday you chill a bit and then start the grocery shopping and bathroom cleaning.  Only to realize by dinner time that YOU HAVE TO WORK THE NEXT DAY!  Ugh!  So at Oh Dark Thirty I was at the new pediatrician’s office, ready to set up computers.

But I have to tell you.  Sometimes the little things in life make even the most unwanted situations bearable.  Things like walking in to the staff kitchen and finding that these are the cups everyone is drinking from:

image specimin cup

There is nothing like turning the corner and finding your boss with a specimen cup raised to his lips.

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