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Note to Self…
Published on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by

When you let your daughter dye a pink streak in her hair…

pink streak

And you decide to put one in your own hair…

pink curly hair

Remember to keep the empty pink dye bag away from the dog.

pink dog

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  • Bwahahahahahaha.  Hey the dog just wanted to get in on the act too.  I love it.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • I hope that’s not a boy dog.   It could lead to some real unpleasantness from his buddies at the dog park.  

  • She just wanted in on the action.  Very chic – as long as it’s not harmful to her.

    • It just got on the ends of her front paws. It was gone w/in hours of me taking the picture. I actually tried to rub it off just in case she licked her paws… she didn’t eat it – just pulled it out of the trash can and nudged it around. The pink was REALLY funny on her though – so glad she is a girl!

  • Little pink dog tracks all over the house?

  • As least it’s not glow in the dark…that happened here’s not is it?  LOL

    • HA HA!!! Glow in the dark hair color… perfect! The dog would look hysterical walking in the dark with glowing front paws! I am actually bummed – the pink has washed out, leaving me and my daughter with simple light streaking in our hair. oh well! The dog’s was gone by the next day. I guess pink dye wasn’t meant to stay on fur!

  • LOL! Too funny 🙂 Your daughter looks adorable with the pink streak….and your pink streak looks cute too, I think (I’d be more definite if the picture showed a bit more of you – hint, hint!!)

    • I was at work and had to sneak the picture… I would do a full one but the pink has turned to blonde… doh!!!

  • ROFL! Aww, your daughter looks so sweet. The pup just didn’t want to be left out. Our dog does things like this too. If we are doing something, they want to be in the middle of it. Great post!

  • Pajamas2cute

    I Love Your Sense Of Style And Your Website… I Am 11 And I’m Thinking Of Putting Some Pink Streaks Into My Brown Hair. Do You Think That’s A Good Idea?

  • Pajamas2cute

    Picture Of Me Below:

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