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From Norman Reedus To No Toot
Published on Thursday, November 20, 2014 by

I use my iPhone for pictures constantly.  It is my brain for reminders, it is my tool at work and it is my “oh my gosh I can’t believe I just saw that” camera.  Sometimes I have to flip through all my pictures to remove the junk.  Quick screen shots, reminders and pictures I shared that I don’t need to keep.  My iPhone pictures aren’t much unlike my brain.  Random, scattered and happy to be that way.

I flipped through my most recent pictures and decided to share a few:

There is a woman at my work who makes soap.  All natural, gorgeous, sudsy luxurious soap.  She came in with a bag of samples for everyone to smell and I wrote down my favorites so I could order them on payday.  Notice I have a sticky note AND a picture of the sticky note.  I know myself too well.

handmade soap list

As I said on Facebook, some children bring frogs and bugs in to the house.  But MY kids????

dear head

Remember our wild feral cat from Corolla?  The one we just rescued?  Yea… not so wild anymore.  The softness of the couch beat the cold of the outdoors.  This picture makes me happy.

yawning cat

I am addicted to Pub Painters and learning how to create cheesy acrylic art.  My friend and my margarita make the experience even more fun.  I NEVER do for myself and I NEVER go anywhere.  This is such a breath of fresh air!

penguin painting

I have been painting this one at home.  It isn’t finished.  The dog on the right is going to be a dalmatian to represent all our dallies, and the cat is my Olie and all our kitties before her.  Of course they are at the beach house.  I haven’t finished the sand yet, or the spots.  But I have had so much fun doing it.  The meaning behind this is very personal.  I took the picture to send to my painting buddy for advice on the sand.

dog and cat painting

I took a screen shot of something I saw on the internet that I want BAD.  Can you imagine having these tiles in your bathroom?  I sent the picture to a friend of mine to basically say, “LOOK HOW COOL THIS IS!”

warm water tiles

Norman Reedus posted this picture on Instagram.  I took a screen shot so I could zoom in to see the jacked up close.  I also snapped it so I could see Norman Reedus up close.  Because hey… IT’S NORMAN REEDUS.

sexy daryl dixon

I got Burger King for my son and stuck the bag in the fridge for when he got home from class.  He asked who did that because it wasn’t wrapped very well and had gotten dry.  Yea, that was me.  WHO WRAPS UP FAST FOOD BEYOND THE WRAPPERS AND BAG?!  So tonight I got him Burger King again.  I wrapped up the fries container in foil.  I wrapped the burger with the wrapper STILL on it with foil.  And then I wrapped the ENTIRE FOIL WRAPPED MEAL IN MORE FOIL.  There ya go honey… it’s wrapped up nice and tight.  You think I go a bit overboard sometimes?

wrapped fast food

I took this picture in a gift shop to send to my friend.  I HATE Christmas for what it has become.  “Buy me Buy me” Christmas commercials started THE FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER!  But this stood out to me because of what it said.  PEACEFUL Christmas Wishes.  That is what I hope for.  Peace to all on that special day.  I also love the campy retro look of it.  Why didn’t I buy it?  IT WAS 35 DOLLARS!

On a side-note, notice African American Joseph on the left?  And Baby Jesus?  That baby doesn’t look quite right.  Tall, skinny and probably three years old.  It looks like Joseph is trying to figure the whole thing out.  Funny what you don’t see until you bring up your pictures!

pretty christmas ornament

Last but not least… I took a picture of dog gas pills and sent it to my boys.  Because HEY… it is a package of DOG GAS PILLS.  And even better, it is called, “NO TOOT.”  The face on the dog tells it all.

dog gas pills

Do you use your phone’s camera for pictures only, or for just about everything?

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