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Shoot Me NowPhoto Challenge Day 22: Neutral

Photo Challenge Day 22: Neutral
Published on Monday, October 22, 2012 by

bare makeup

mom blog

  • My makeup is naturally neutral… I don’t wear any! (Well, except for having to draw some eyebrows on every morning.)

  • Danielle Batog

    Oh I love this choice!! I quit wearing makeup when we moved to Florida twelve years ago…except for eyeliner…and lipstick…gotta have those…the rest just melts off in the humidity.

  • Pat Kumicich

    Very good choice and great photo too!

  • My make up’s neutral too. Until I shave.

  • Nice photo and idea! I doubt that you need that stuff though!

  • Ron

    Ooooooo…what an awesome photo for NEUTRAL, Katherine!

    VERY nice photograph! It looks like a professional photo.

    Well done!


  • Barb Paige

    Good idea… looks like Bare Minerals- I use that too! 🙂

  • Ah foundation, that must be Bare Minerals make up. Yes?

  • Oh, I never even thought of this, great idea Katherine!

  • MikeWJ

    It does look like Bare Minerals. I guess. I wouldn’t really know, to be honest. I just wanted to say “bare.” I like the whole concept of bare.

    Anyway, clever idea, Katherine, and I like the yellow brush against the sapphire blue of the counter with the neutral foundation stuff to balance them out. And I doubt you need much of this stuff at all, btw, let alone more.

  • ladyV

    excellent idea. this was a tough, but interesting prompt.

  • Jamie Baker

    Hey! Have you been in my lab? Oh wait, that isn’t… never mind.

  • Geez, I had to read the comments to figure out what this was. I’ve never worn make-up so I thought you were using a itsy bitsy whisk broom to clean up the flour you spilled on the counter when you were making a thickener for some kind of pink soup that was going into a crockpot.

  • Mel

    *laughing at Cheryl*

    I, on the other hand, knew what it was despite that fact that there is absolutely NO make-up in this house!

    I oughta get a prize for that, yes?
    Could it not be an impaled Barbie?
    JUST sayin’……….

  • Coco

    Oh now I know what you meant with your photo reading those comments. Beautiful photo!

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