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Shoot Me NowNeiman Marcus? Whatever, Dude.

Neiman Marcus? Whatever, Dude.
Published on Sunday, February 17, 2013 by

Day Seventeen of the Blog Writing Challenge?!  REALLY?!  We are almost there!  Today’s challenge theme is, “Whatever, Dude.”

I love me some thriftin.  The thrill of finding a pair of button fly Lucky Jeans for a few bucks…. or a 70’s martini glass…. perhaps a cookbook from earlier than that….  You just never know what you will find.  You know you are doing good when you say, “Three dollars?!  That is far too much!”

This explains my great surprise at finding the following retro Neiman Marcus dress at the DAV today.  How much do you suppose it was?  Think high for a thrift store.  Ten dollars?  Twenty dollars?

neiman marcus thrift store

And the answer is….

retro neiman marcus

From $240.00 to $99.99.  At a THRIFT STORE.  Whatever, Dude!

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