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Neighbor Goes Squirrely
Published on Thursday, October 2, 2008 by

I live in a well established neighborhood that is a nice mix of both young couples and elderly folks.  Some of these older residents have been there forever.  Most are active, friendly and look out for everyone else.  But there are some that have nothing better to do than worry about their neighbors are up to.


Fortunately, our next door neighbor is one of the nice established residents who is friendly and always has a hello wave for you as she goes by.  But over the years, this “tough old brood” has been slipping.  Just a bit.  We have been accused of “having our woodpecker go in her yard!”  Apparently, “our squirrels” are eating her pecans too.  But overall she has been fairly pleasant.  Until this past weekend.


My husband had a house guest staying Friday and Saturday nights.  This friend is married, has a child and drove a mini-van from New York to our place.   Saturday he was walking up and down the sidewalk in front of our house, talking to his wife on the cell phone.  Suddenly, my neighbor screeches her car in front of him, rolls down the window and snaps, “I just want you to know the POLICE ARE ON THEIR WAY!”


“Excuse me?” my house guest replied,  “And whom should I tell them to talk to?”  My neighbor then blurted, “Oh don’t you worry, they know who I am! And they are on their way!”  Then she sped off.  Wah?  Apparently, something in Mrs. H snapped.  And quickly.  The time it took for her to call 911 could have been the time it took to call us and say, “Who is that in front of your house?” 


Later, my son was skateboarding outside and she pulled up, did the famous “quick roll down of the window” and said, “Did you see that shady character in front of your house today?!”  My son replied, “Yes, that was our house guest you called the police on, and he is a very nice man!”  She then put her hand to her mouth, whipped in to the driveway and we haven’t seen her since.  Perhaps our squirrels have her busy right now!

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